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Choosing LA

Hey. *casts eyes downward, sheepishly* Are blogs still a thing? A generation may as well have passed since I last wrote, and yet here I find myself, at Panera.  Kids are at home with our new summer sitter. In Los Angeles. Well, the Valley, if you wanna get all technical about it.  Last June, J … Continue reading

That Time The Bees Attacked.

I feel like my head is very, very full these days.  There is so much I need to do, so much I should be doing.  So many books I am reading and want to read.  A project I am working on with a friend that I want desperately to come to fruition, but I’m a … Continue reading


Lots of people tell me I look great.  That sounds strange to write; but it’s usually when I mention I still have 20 pounds of baby weight to lose, people will shrug this off with a wave of a hand and a loving eyeroll: “I think you look great!  She’s what?  Two months old?” While I … Continue reading


The day before my due date – Tuesday, March 24th – I had another doctor’s appointment.  I waited for hours (my doc is popular in the area and is always delivering babes), passing the time in the waiting room watching HGTV and scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed. I began to feel just the tiniest bit … Continue reading


I had just begun folding some clothes in front of the television when I received the CNN news alert on my phone. “What the hell?” I said aloud, grimacing.  I immediately turned on the news. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Before I became a “runner”, I knew nothing about the Boston Marathon.  But really, it … Continue reading

Sugar Detox

Morning, chickens! I’ve been away for what seems like an eternity.  We hosted my mother and stepfather over Easter weekend, and the nature of a quick visit is cramming a whole lotta stuff into a short time.  Unfortunately for my waistline, a “whole lotta stuff” in this case meant FOOD.  We ate at a bevy … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Resolutionary

My poor little man is on the mend after being sick (fever, cough, boogers galore) since Christmas Eve morning; today, I finally succumbed to some strain of whatever he had.  My head is stuffy and aching, my throat is sore, and we’re running out of tissues in this house.  Should make for a fun little … Continue reading


I’m not so sure you can really call it a vacation when you are going home to spend loads of quality time with your family.  (Visions of Four Christmases dance in my head.)  But we’re off. I’m reading A.J. Jacobs’ Drop Dead Healthy now, and came across an interesting theory that I believe will help … Continue reading


Today was my postnatal doc appointment, remember?  It was also the day that I overslept (I woke in a panic at 8 AM) and thus had no time to prepare myself breakfast.  The morning was a mad rush to get Ailie fed and changed, get H fed and changed, and also get his lunch packed, … Continue reading