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I’m sure I’ve mentioned that I have been keeping a journal since I was eight years old.  Recently, I’ve been combing through these treasured books for anything about my mom.  And of course, all of the delicious bits of melodrama and unintentional comedy that come from being ages 12 through 14. EXHIBIT A: Of course … Continue reading

Meal Planning for Dummies

This AM we’re prepping for vacation and I’m trying to cram some studying in (my Operations Management final is tomorrow night, HALLELUJAH) as I listen to Indigo Girls Pandora (I miss those chicks) and chug lemon water.  I’m trying to detox from a DISGUSTING breakfast this AM at a local diner.  I ordered a combo … Continue reading

The Grocery Store Chronicles

Greetings, friends!  I’m getting a jump on my March resolutions this week and dealing with my budget. Let me tell you this: my husband pays me once a month.  It’s a negotiated rate, and certainly not final; but as a one-income family, I find it highly comforting to work from the context of a budget.  … Continue reading

Happy New Year, Friends!

Welcome to 2013! Did you see the stroke of midnight last night?  We saw the stroke of 10:15.  We had some wonderful friends over and we did much cooking and cleaning beforehand.  We were already tired (and I’m still under the weather), so once our guests left at close to 9, we were wiped.  We did … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Resolutionary

My poor little man is on the mend after being sick (fever, cough, boogers galore) since Christmas Eve morning; today, I finally succumbed to some strain of whatever he had.  My head is stuffy and aching, my throat is sore, and we’re running out of tissues in this house.  Should make for a fun little … Continue reading

Tweaking…Into a Whole New Era

December 21, 2012.  It’s already 12/22 in Australia, so it appears that the world will go on and I will totally have to lose these last 14 pounds (that’s my stretch goal; just 9 more pounds and I’m back to my pre-baby weight).  But glory of glories!  I am back in the 140s!  This was … Continue reading


I’m not so sure you can really call it a vacation when you are going home to spend loads of quality time with your family.  (Visions of Four Christmases dance in my head.)  But we’re off. I’m reading A.J. Jacobs’ Drop Dead Healthy now, and came across an interesting theory that I believe will help … Continue reading

So close…

We had family photos done last weekend at our neighborhood park.  I already mentioned it here, but it bears repeating: I was reticent because I am still nearly 15 pounds overweight.  And then I saw the photos, and I thought: my God, what silliness.  We are so happy.  Waistlines will grow and shrink, but the … Continue reading

Organized Christmas

There are few things I love more than a great organizational tip.  I’ve streamlined my life in many ways since having kids (travel packing spreadsheets; family calendars; meal planning; endless to-do lists), and now Christmas is getting the binder treatment. Check out Organized Christmas when you get a sec.  It’s got great PDFs you can … Continue reading

Getting Things Done

I’ve been slowly reading through David Allen’s Getting Things Done: The Art of Stress-Free Productivity for months now.  It’s by no means a page-turner, but some of the ideas in it have really revolutionized my life.  (I do wish I had purchased a physical copy, however.  It’s difficult to navigate on a Kindle, as I’ve … Continue reading