Hey – I started eating well last week so WHY AM I NOT SKINNY?

This week’s post sponsored my extreme impatience.

For real, body: why are you not thin?

I come to you from my office.  I’ve got a sitter for a few hours today, so I dash around like a mad woman making calls, paying bills,  tidying up, grocery shopping, and doing piles of laundry (THE LAUNDRY WIL BE THE DEATH OF ME).  I am also writing!  Which feels really nice and indulgent.  Maybe I can someday make this a career like I have been saying (but not doing) since 2006.

I’m eating really really well.  (Right now, I’m devouring a salad of green and avocado and tomato.)  I’m exercising more.  And because I am ME, I really expected that all of my old clothes would fit this week.  They don’t.

But we soldier on.  My weight has pretty much stayed the same after that initial drop, but I’m determined to keep going.

Yesterday we met friends at the zoo.  It was one of the nicest days with my three children together EVER: the older ones did not fight or whine or throw tantrums; the baby did not lose her mind AT ALL.  She slept and smiled and nursed and then slept some more.  Bliss.

When we got home, we watched a bit of Treehouse Masters (a new family tradition) and then Hendrik decided to draw up some architectural plans for his own treehouse.  Then they decided to play “cleaning lady” and helped me clean (A loves to do dishes, and Hendrik did ALL of the outdoor windows); then my five year-old exclaimed, “Come on, family cleaning team!  Let’s get up there and clean that playroom!”  Then we DID THAT.  And we had a dance party and then because I made enough chicken tikka masala on Sunday I did not have to cook and we ate dinner in a civilized manner.  Then later, when Hendrik couldn’t sleep, I told him to go read quietly in bed and then HE DID THAT.  And when all of these tiny angels went to bed, J and I savored an episode of our new favorite grown-up show, Catastrophe.

I mean: it was one of those simple days when I was just killing this stay-at-home-mom life.  For that, I am as grateful as I will be when I can once again zipper my pants.



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