Choosing LA


*casts eyes downward, sheepishly*

Are blogs still a thing?

A generation may as well have passed since I last wrote, and yet here I find myself, at Panera.  Kids are at home with our new summer sitter.

In Los Angeles.

Well, the Valley, if you wanna get all technical about it.  Last June, J flew to LA and then in August the offer was finalized and we were all: YES, this is DEFINITELY the year to just change every goddamn thing about our lives.

And so here we are.

Sweet J was doing really well at his former job, and he had gotten into a great leadership program with the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.  This expanded our Dallas life in many exciting ways.  There were fascinating, successful people to get to know.  New restaurants and bars to discover.  We were legitimately falling in love with Dallas (whereas we had previously been in a serious relationship with Fort Worth.)  I was just named Madame President of our local mom’s league, and I had BIG plans for the group.  Via J’s Dallas program, we discovered a local women’s shelter that catered to many non-English speaking sex-trafficking and domestic abuse victims.  I mention this, because after years of feeling somewhat aimless, I was deeply thrilled to add more meaning and depth to my charmed, massive square-footage, tricked-out pick-up truck Texas life.  (We didn’t have a pick-up.  Just painting a visual here.)

We were happy in Texas; yet, we weren’t sure we could say no to this amazing opportunity.  As partners, we are nothing if not people that strive.

“I know,” I said to a new Dallas friend – a prominent attorney in J’s program – as we debated our potential move at happy hour one evening.  “If we don’t do it, we’ll always regret it.”

“No,” he said seriously.  “Not at all.  If you don’t do it, you’ll continue to do amazing things in this city.”

I’ve yet to get his words out of my head.

It’s difficult to chose a course; especially as a person who has no time for “everything happens for a reason” memes.  If we are being candid, I believe you create and seize opportunity.  Afterwards, I am happy to attempt to discern meaning from my life choices, and marvel at charming coincidences.

But I own my choices.  Even the super shitty ones.

And so, we watched the waves crash on Jensen Beach. Florida, in August 2016, giddy with possibility, reviewing the offer J had just received.

We were – HOLY SHIT – moving to LA.

Everything else happened at lightning speed.  Our house was put on the market.  Showings.  Offer.  Closing.  World’s biggest moving van.  J leaving.  My heart breaking as we left our beloved home, and neighbors, preschool, friends, and southwest identities behind.  I flew to Pennsylvania with the kids.  J flew to meet us eventually.  My brother got married.

And on October 10th, we landed at LAX, and moved into a large apartment in Glendale, CA.

And the adventure continues…







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