Posted in January 2013

Weekly Round-Up: Finance and Teething

My week can be summed up in two words: Finance. Teething. It’s the final week of the DietBet, and Mama’s goal is to avoid the chocolate chips.  Much easier said than done.  Let’s get to it, shall we? Current Weight: 143 Pounds lost since blog’s inception: 19.6 Pounds lost since A’s birth: 47.6 And this … Continue reading

Mom, Interrupted.

I have my first test tomorrow night, so it follows that Ailie would begin teething in earnest this week.  Last night she was up three times.  Finally my alarm went off at 5:30, at which time Hendrik commenced coughing in his bedroom. “Great,” I murmured to J.  “He’s up now.” And so it was. H was up … Continue reading

Whole Paycheck and the Cost of Real Food

Last week, a Facebook friend commented on this article that Koos had posted on her wall: [Koos]…we are on a pretty tight budget…Ive shopped at places like Whole Foods, etc. and it seems SO expensive…I know health is most important…but how do you feed all your peeps without breaking the bank?  Melissa you too…been reading … Continue reading

Food Journaling

Yesterday, a Facebook friend mentioned in a status update that she had hit her pre-pregnancy weight. She had her baby at the end of October.  I am not sure how much weight she gained during her pregnancy; but let me say for the record: I had my baby on August 16th.  I am still not … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Back to School Edition

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  We enjoyed gorgeous weather in DFW (a nice break, as it’s been fairly cold and gloomy here).  We spent time at the park, went out to a GLORIOUS Mexican dinner with friends, and exercised outdoors.  You can’t beat 65 degrees and sunny in mid-January. My textbook … Continue reading

Liebster Award

Tuesday I decided it was time to share my blog with my Facebook friends, something I was reticent to do.  I was overwhelmed by the positive responses!  Many visited (my stats were at an all time high) and then shared positive feedback and recipes.  ‘Twas lovely. Minutes after I took the Facebook share plunge, Melissa at … Continue reading

Texts and Burpees

Friends!  School is proving to be a challenge, in more ways then one.  Take my Facebook status update from the first night: First night back to school!  Forgot my parking pass; did not buy the book; I don’t own a financial calculator; didn’t print the syllabus; and I have spit-up on my boot.  I’m doing … Continue reading

BHT and Me: The Parting of Ways

Recently, I made my husband give up his beloved Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats. Figuring all of the ingredients were pronounceable (I can read “BHT”), these were a staple in the house for some time.  Then, I looked up BHT. You seem so jovial and innocent, little mini-wheat. BHT, or Butylated hydroxytoluene (OK, I cannot pronounce this, maniacal … Continue reading

Easy Meals This Week

I headed back to school last night, and there is much to be done to prepare the house and children to make the transition smoothe.  Like: Make sure kids are bathed. Make sure kids are PJed. Make sure A’s milk is defrosted and in bottle. Make sure H’s water bottle is in fridge ready for … Continue reading

Golden Globes Motivation

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I get ridiculously excited for awards shows, but this one sneaked up on me.  I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday when I thought, “Hey!  the Globes are on tonight!” A second later, I thought: “Those bastards all have cleaning ladies.  I want a cleaning lady.  I hate … Continue reading