Posted in September 2012

Weekly Round-Up

Written on Saturday, September 29th. (Mostly.  Man, kids cramp your style, eh?) I quite literally just stepped out of my living room into my office after my first P90X workout.  I realize I am getting a bit too ambitious with my plans, so I’ve resolved to supplement my half-marathon training with P90X DVDs.  Today I went for … Continue reading


Today was my postnatal doc appointment, remember?  It was also the day that I overslept (I woke in a panic at 8 AM) and thus had no time to prepare myself breakfast.  The morning was a mad rush to get Ailie fed and changed, get H fed and changed, and also get his lunch packed, … Continue reading

How to Spot a Good Opportunity

Ah, O Magazine.  If you know me or have read my blogs, you know I am in love with this periodical.  I was just able to sneak a few minutes this AM after Hendrik’s preschool drop-off to sit down with my breakfast (whole wheat English muffin with almond butter and a drizzle of honey) and page … Continue reading

Encouraging Words

“So what is your blog called again?” J asked me last night. “Total Mama Makeover.  What do you think?” “Well, are you doing a ‘total mama makeover’?” “YES!  Haven’t you noticed anything different about me this week?” “Yeah.  Actually, you’ve been amazing this week,” J said sincerely.  “Whatever you’re doing: keep it up.” I’ve managed to … Continue reading

An Inauspicious Beginning.

(This post was written on Sunday, September 16th.  Mostly.) This morning I had the best of intentions.  J woke up at 6 with Hendrik, and Ailie and I slept in til sometime in the seven o’clock hour.  I made my way to the kitchen slowly (lately, my feet ache upon first waking: all the extra … Continue reading


Welcome! I’m Melissa.  Mother, wife, graduate student.  I’m a Philly native but currently live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex with my growing family. I’m an avid reader; wanna-be avid writer; and desperately in need of a total mama makeover. You see, I’ve just given birth to my second child, a gorgeous baby girl named Ailie … Continue reading