Encouraging Words

“So what is your blog called again?” J asked me last night.

“Total Mama Makeover.  What do you think?”

“Well, are you doing a ‘total mama makeover’?”

“YES!  Haven’t you noticed anything different about me this week?”

“Yeah.  Actually, you’ve been amazing this week,” J said sincerely.  “Whatever you’re doing: keep it up.”

I’ve managed to ROCK my two resolutions this week.  The first – no convenience food – has been a bit challenging.  I long to stop for a cinnamon dolce latte on the drive back from Hendrik’s preschool.  Last night, we were still out running errands at 5; J was going to be home late and actually encouraged me to pick up something easy for H and me.

‘Twas hard to resist the allure of Chick-Fil-A or Chipotle, but I remembered my resolve and visualized the things I could buy with the saved cash: travel to exotic lands; the rose gold Michael Kors watch I’ve had my eye on for a year; a new gym membership.  It worked.  We arrived home and I made H a “bean taco” and myself a “burrito bowl” using organic black beans (no sodium), and fresh, organic vegetables.

My second goal was to MOVE, and have I ever!  I’ve been wearing the old pedometer (or as H calls it, “Mommy’s steps”) and just… not sitting.  I was only able to get out for a real walk with Ailie once this week; but the other days, I MOVED.  I cleaned our master bath as Ailie napped and H played with the bangles in my jewelry box.  I vacuumed the entire house with A strapped in the Ergo.  I washed cloth diaps.  I tidied the kitchen a little obsessively.  I organized the toys in the playroom.  I did 85 loads of laundry.

I have to tell you, this did wonders for my well-being this week.  Trying to corral the two babes in a (mostly) clean and halycon environment is such an energy booster (clutter and disarray really drains J and me both).  Plus, I knew I was burning calories.

The scale is moving ever so slowly, but it’s moving.  And working towards these resolutions has given me a newfound respect for my body.  I look at my squishy stomach, with the dark linea nigra running through it, and I think: that’s no small feat, birthing a nearly 10 pound child.  Cut yourself a break.

So I do, and then I move.  Slow and steady.


2 thoughts on “Encouraging Words

  1. Love it! i love reading your health and fitness tips! I think staying away from what is convenient sounds so easy, but is probably the hardest thing to do! I really want to try.

    Yea, life with 2 little ones must be a whole different ball game.

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