How to Spot a Good Opportunity

Ah, O Magazine.  If you know me or have read my blogs, you know I am in love with this periodical.  I was just able to sneak a few minutes this AM after Hendrik’s preschool drop-off to sit down with my breakfast (whole wheat English muffin with almond butter and a drizzle of honey) and page through this month’s issue.  It’s all about advice this month, and the second piece I read struck me as particularly apropos for me these days:

How to Spot a Good Opportunity by Christina Wayne, former senior VP at AMC, current president of Cineflix Studios

When you’re weighing an opportunity, make the question that simple: Do I really want this, or am I doing it for the money or the prestige or because I think I should?  It can’t just be about those things.  It has to make you feel good, too.  And by the way, if opportunities aren’t knocking, you can make your own.

It occurs to me that the people I know who are most successful make their own opportunities.  They put themselves out there, critics be damned, and just do what they want to do.  I try to be mindful when I feel envious of someone else’s good fortune and I do an internal audit: What do I need to do to emulate them?  How can I make my own luck?  What will make me happy?

For me, one of the first steps is to stop making excuses.  I have plenty of those.  Perhaps some of them are even valid (ahem, five week-old babe), but I’m tired of waiting for the right time.  There is no right time.  Just do.  I decided if I wanted to write about health and wellness, then I should probably stop waiting around for Self magazine to call me.  It’s time to just start.

In other news, Thursday is my postnatal OBGYN visit.  I am thrilled, as I’ll finally be cleared for exercise.  I’ll begin training for the Dallas Half-Marathon in earnest, and J and I are also toying with the idea of doing P90X together.  I own the DVDs, and have used them approximately three times.  We’ll need to work out a schedule, and I’m a little nervous about that because of Ailie’s sleep patterns.  For the past two nights, however, she’s slept a good five or six hour stretch, and then a second two-to-three.  Both mornings I’ve been wide awake at her 6 AM feeding, ready to start the day.

So let’s all agree to stop waiting, and then listen to the ironically-titled new Mumford and Sons song, I Will Wait.  Their new album is out this week, and oh man, I cannot wait to run to this come Saturday.


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