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Whole Paycheck and the Cost of Real Food

Last week, a Facebook friend commented on this article that Koos had posted on her wall: [Koos]…we are on a pretty tight budget…Ive shopped at places like Whole Foods, etc. and it seems SO expensive…I know health is most important…but how do you feed all your peeps without breaking the bank?  Melissa you too…been reading … Continue reading

BHT and Me: The Parting of Ways

Recently, I made my husband give up his beloved Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats. Figuring all of the ingredients were pronounceable (I can read “BHT”), these were a staple in the house for some time.  Then, I looked up BHT. You seem so jovial and innocent, little mini-wheat. BHT, or Butylated hydroxytoluene (OK, I cannot pronounce this, maniacal … Continue reading