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Weekly Round-Up: So What’s New?

Friends! What is up with you guys? I have feel like we haven’t connected in ages.  Totally my fault.  Things have been busy.  Luckily, my semester is wrapping up, the office reno is nearly complete (photos upon final completion), and in one week’s time I’ll have about a month off from grad school.  Glorious! So the … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Uppiness

I’ve decided it is high time to reinstate the Weekly Round-Up, for a myriad of reasons: I need to keep better track of my workouts. I like talking about myself. My weight is a creeper.  I’m currently sitting at 144.2; and judging by yesterday’s photos, my body is looking about ten pounds heavier than that. … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Where Do We Go Now?

Welp, it’s February 18th, and I’ve yet to share with you my February resolutions. Spoiler Alert: I have not done ANY of my February resolutions. And why, you may ask?  In no particular order: my birthday; out-of-town guests; teething; growth spurts; no sleep; finance class; cramming in moments to study; workouts; cooking; Valentine’s Day prep … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Onward.

It’s hard for me to begin this week’s round-up without mentioning how busy we’ve been over here at the Orlando Ranch.  My MIL and SIL and nephew left last Thursday, after a fun-filled week that unfortunately ended with a bout of a stomach bug.  (H, A, and I remain the only men left standing.)  With … Continue reading

Weekly-Round Up: DietBet Fin

I just reread the post I started yesterday. Y’all, I am kind of in a bad way. Here’s the gist: No time. There’s never any time. I don’t have time to study!  I’ll never get into Stamford!  I’ll let everyone down!  I’m so CONFUSED! That’s right, friends.  My life has taken a Jessie Spano shame … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Finance and Teething

My week can be summed up in two words: Finance. Teething. It’s the final week of the DietBet, and Mama’s goal is to avoid the chocolate chips.  Much easier said than done.  Let’s get to it, shall we? Current Weight: 143 Pounds lost since blog’s inception: 19.6 Pounds lost since A’s birth: 47.6 And this … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Back to School Edition

Happy Monday, y’all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  We enjoyed gorgeous weather in DFW (a nice break, as it’s been fairly cold and gloomy here).  We spent time at the park, went out to a GLORIOUS Mexican dinner with friends, and exercised outdoors.  You can’t beat 65 degrees and sunny in mid-January. My textbook … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Sugar Detox

Greetings from the chaos that is the playroom on a Sunday morning.  H and J are playing trains, A is in the jumperoo, and Mama is on borrowed time. Welp, the last two days were a giant fail of the I NEED THIS ALMOND TOFFEE variety.  I allowed myself to get too hungry at times. … Continue reading