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I’m Melissa.  I live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth ‘burbs.  I am a wife, mother, and MBA.  I finished graduate school in December 2013, just in time to deliver our third babe, Violet.

This is her!

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This is my family in 2012, when I started this here blog.  That’s husband J, nearly-three year-old Hendrik, and our August 2012 arrival, Ailie. (It’s pronounced EYE-Lee.  She’s named after her great-great Finnish grandmother.)   I am a product of both the Italians and a few Swedish-speaking Finns, but we love us some strong Scandinavian names over here.


And this is us now: Hendrik is five, Ailie is nearly three, and baby V entered the world on March 25, 2015.  I’m pretty proud of this brood.


My second half-marathon in Dallas in 2012.

A little about me:  I love to write; I love to read; and I love all things related to health and wellness and exercise.

Putting those things into practice with a kindergartener, a toddler and a newborn, however?  Challenging, to say the least.  Nothing like a blog for a little accountability, eh?

I’ve been blogging HIGHLY sporadically for NINE years now.  You can read my stuff here.  I used to live in New York, then Philadelphia.  My husband and I used to travel to exotic lands.

We loved to try new restaurants; see live music; and spend quality time with friends like Flavor Flav.


Our 2008 Christmas card.  That’s the year we got married, guys.  You can imagine my grandfather’s surprise.


Honeymooning with the Sphinx.

Then we had babies.  And that stuff changes.  Apparently.

These days, we spend lots of time at kids’ birthday parties, at library storytime, and parked on our respective couches.  It’s glorious in its own way, but we’ve lost a bit of our old vigor.

And so I decided to get back into shape, in all aspects of my life.  To lose the baby weight.  To get control of my finances.  To be more social.  To get involved.  To stop talking about doing the things I love, and just do them already.  A TOTAL Mama Makeover.  Birthing babies is nothing short of miraculous, but I firmly believe that all of my fun shouldn’t stop there.  It’s only just begun.

Won’t you come along for the ride?

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