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Sugar Detox, Day 4

Oh hello, fourth day without sweets.  Yesterday, I think I almost started to hallucinate.  I WANT chocolate.  I WANT DESSERT.  I want a goddamn homemade whole wheat strawberry pancake with a bit of maple syrup for breakfast, you guys.  Most of all?  I want coffee creamer.  Say a prayer of thanks for your creamer this AM.  That … Continue reading

Methylparabens and Other Yummy Stuff

Lately, it’s easy for me to fall off the healthy living bandwagon.  I find when you make many changes in your life, it’s extremely easy to rationalize a few unhealthy options. I was in the shower the other day and picked up the bottle of rose witch hazel I bought before our nuptials, when I … Continue reading

Whole Paycheck and the Cost of Real Food

Last week, a Facebook friend commented on this article that Koos had posted on her wall: [Koos]…we are on a pretty tight budget…Ive shopped at places like Whole Foods, etc. and it seems SO expensive…I know health is most important…but how do you feed all your peeps without breaking the bank?  Melissa you too…been reading … Continue reading

Food Journaling

Yesterday, a Facebook friend mentioned in a status update that she had hit her pre-pregnancy weight. She had her baby at the end of October.  I am not sure how much weight she gained during her pregnancy; but let me say for the record: I had my baby on August 16th.  I am still not … Continue reading


GAH. I just logged in to my old Hotmail account, ready to do some serious damage with the delete button, to find… NOTHING. My entire account – likely due to inactivity – has been wiped clean, and only one email exists (a cheery welcome from Hotmail, who just callously wiped out my entire history SINCE 1998). … Continue reading