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Dallas Half-Marathon Recap

Oh my friends: there are always lessons to be learned. A little background: last year, I was scheduled to run the Dallas White Rock Half.  I had been training, and had been loyal to the long run.  A few days before the event, I learned that the weather was going to be HORRIFIC, at least by North … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: I’m in there.

My people: it’s been a long week.  Now that we are a family of four, it takes even longer to recover/unpack/organize after a trip.  I still haven’t been able to get all of the laundry in its proper place; but we managed to decorate the house for Christmas, celebrate J’s birthday on Saturday, and take … Continue reading


I’m not so sure you can really call it a vacation when you are going home to spend loads of quality time with your family.  (Visions of Four Christmases dance in my head.)  But we’re off. I’m reading A.J. Jacobs’ Drop Dead Healthy now, and came across an interesting theory that I believe will help … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Four More Weeks til Race Day

Top of the morning to you all!  Your fearless blogmistress has been up since five (it’s currently 6:14 AM), attempting to valiantly carbo-load before today’s long run.  It’s been a mostly futile exercise.  I’ve managed to choke down a pear and maybe 1/3 cup oatmeal with raisins and honey.  I’ll probably attempt to eat something else … Continue reading

Cheater Cheater Compulsive Eater

One cheat day!  One!  I ate some cookies.  God, universe!  THREE cookies at a Halloween party and my weight spikes up again.  The scale and I are at an impasse, y’all.  (I’m still down about 2 pounds.  But go straight TO HELL, scale.) In happier news: I’m doing “two-a-day” workouts now, as I affectionately call them, … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Relapse

Oh, you guys. It’s telling that I have not posted in a few days.  I have been flailing.  Miserably. It all started when I realized that I hadn’t run four miles last Friday.  Somehow, my Runkeeper app made an error; I had only run three.  I discovered this after my Sunday long run, in which I … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up

Another week has flown by, and I’m pleased with my progress thus far.  It’s not always easy, but I feel fantastic, despite still not really sleeping well and fighting off the pestilence that has settled upon our house since H began school. Some updates, though not a whole lot has changed from last week: What I’m … Continue reading

Good News, Bad News

Today was a two-mile run or crosstrain day.  Since I knew I wouldn’t make it out of the house, I did the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred with my two-year old while my nearly seven week-old looked on happily from her chair.  Hendrik helpfully grabbed my legs while I did jumping jacks, exclaiming, “There you go, Mommy!  That’s it!  I’m so … Continue reading

Long Run

I feel completely overwhelmed right now, what with the kids and the fitness and the writing and the everything else. Yesterday was my first “long” run (I use quotation marks now as I’m trying to ease in to avoid injury).  I managed to run for about three miles yesterday, and I walked for another 1.2.  Not … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up

Written on Saturday, September 29th. (Mostly.  Man, kids cramp your style, eh?) I quite literally just stepped out of my living room into my office after my first P90X workout.  I realize I am getting a bit too ambitious with my plans, so I’ve resolved to supplement my half-marathon training with P90X DVDs.  Today I went for … Continue reading