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On Grief and Health

Here is what I have learned about grief thus far. It’s unpredictable.  Unruly.  Some days you will feel joy as normal; others you will experience a profound sadness that you cannot shake.  Those days you may find yourself shedding lots of tears, or making a cup of coffee and settling into the couch with a stack … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: I’m in there.

My people: it’s been a long week.  Now that we are a family of four, it takes even longer to recover/unpack/organize after a trip.  I still haven’t been able to get all of the laundry in its proper place; but we managed to decorate the house for Christmas, celebrate J’s birthday on Saturday, and take … Continue reading

We’re Back!

…and recommitted! First, let me apologize for my blogging hiatus.  We were in Philly for 9 nights – 8 full days – and in that short time, we saw over 80 friends and family.  There were dinners and lunches and a date night and time spent sneaking away for runs (four total).  Each night we feel into … Continue reading