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Emotional Eating

I’ve been struggling lately. It’s no secret that I’ve been fairly stressed over here.  This week is spring break; and since my classes for this semester were split into two separate eight-week courses, I don’t really have a whole lot of school work that I can be doing now.  (Of course I ordered my next … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Onward.

It’s hard for me to begin this week’s round-up without mentioning how busy we’ve been over here at the Orlando Ranch.  My MIL and SIL and nephew left last Thursday, after a fun-filled week that unfortunately ended with a bout of a stomach bug.  (H, A, and I remain the only men left standing.)  With … Continue reading

Weekly-Round Up: DietBet Fin

I just reread the post I started yesterday. Y’all, I am kind of in a bad way. Here’s the gist: No time. There’s never any time. I don’t have time to study!  I’ll never get into Stamford!  I’ll let everyone down!  I’m so CONFUSED! That’s right, friends.  My life has taken a Jessie Spano shame … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Finance and Teething

My week can be summed up in two words: Finance. Teething. It’s the final week of the DietBet, and Mama’s goal is to avoid the chocolate chips.  Much easier said than done.  Let’s get to it, shall we? Current Weight: 143 Pounds lost since blog’s inception: 19.6 Pounds lost since A’s birth: 47.6 And this … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Sugar Detox

Greetings from the chaos that is the playroom on a Sunday morning.  H and J are playing trains, A is in the jumperoo, and Mama is on borrowed time. Welp, the last two days were a giant fail of the I NEED THIS ALMOND TOFFEE variety.  I allowed myself to get too hungry at times. … Continue reading

Five Days More

I FINALLY saw Les Mis last night, and I absolutely ADORED the film.  My expectations were low as I had read a floppity jillion mixed reviews, but oh, it was so moving and grand and spectacular. Also spectacular: the quesadillas and Raisinets I ate.  Oh, and the two Manhattans.  Yes, my friends: a cheat night.  … Continue reading


Erica D. House is one of the first health-related bloggers I discovered on Twitter, and I find her blog very inspirational.  This month she is hosting a DietBet.  Have you heard of this? Basically, everyone throws in $20.  The goal is to lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks.  You split the pot … Continue reading