Today was my postnatal doc appointment, remember?  It was also the day that I overslept (I woke in a panic at 8 AM) and thus had no time to prepare myself breakfast.  The morning was a mad rush to get Ailie fed and changed, get H fed and changed, and also get his lunch packed, his sippy cups filled, his diapers labeled, and his napmat ready to roll.

Perhaps too quickly, I told myself that I’d have to put my NO CONVENIENCE FOOD resolution aside, and stop at Starbucks in order to get H to school, run to Motherhood Maternity for some new nursing bras, and get to my doctor’s appointment on time.


Full disclosure: I ordered a bacon gouda breakfast sandwich, a Naked Mango juice blended with ice (heavenly), and a tall decaf PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE.  I was powerless against the pumpkin spice, you guys.  (FYI, total calorie count = 800)

I made it to Motherhood Maternity (across from the doc’s office) only to learn that they were no longer in business.  Luckily, there was a Target in the same shopping center, so I popped over there.  I found a few acceptable bras in a cup size I NEVER imagined I would own, and then treated myself to some new workout gear (a few moisture-wicking tees and yoga pants).  I never underestimate the allure of cute workout gear.  It’s great motivation for me to get out there, looking the part.

Satisfied that I had not broken my budget, Ailie and I headed across the street for my appointment.

It was only as we approached the elevator that I realized I was scheduled for a repeat glucose screen this AM.  And I had just consumed a Naked Mango juice and a PUMPKIN SPICE LATTE, for the love of Pete.

And so, my ill-advised trip to Starbucks cost me $13 (seriously?), a gold star for perfect resolution-keeping, and my Thursday AM postnatal appointment.  I am rescheduled for tomorrow AM, at which time I get to bring my two year-old as well.  Party!

‘Twas a harsh, dual lesson: Starbucks is the devil.  And work on the willpower.


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