I’m Melissa.  Mother, wife, graduate student.  I’m a Philly native but currently live in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex with my growing family. I’m an avid reader; wanna-be avid writer; and desperately in need of a total mama makeover.

You see, I’ve just given birth to my second child, a gorgeous baby girl named Ailie (EYE-lee).  I also have a son: a strapping, newly obstreperous two-year old named Hendrik.  I’m on hiatus from graduate school until January, and upon last Google, my BMI is too high.

Yep: I’m overweight.

I put on about 45 pounds with my first pregnancy,  I was able to shave off 40 within a year.  During that time, I ran my first half-marathon.  It was exhilirating.

Despite my best intentions, I put on nearly 50 pounds during this last pregnancy.  I found it increasingly difficult to exercise for many reasons: a rambunctious toddler; rigorous coursework; and the oppressive Texas heat.  I indulged a lot, probably using the age-old, “I’ve worked hard all day; I deserve this third bowl of cookies and cream” all too often.

So here we are, four weeks since delivery.  I’m still not officially cleared for exercise, but I’ve been walking as often as possible despite existing in a perpetually foggy, sleep-deprived haze.  (Walking is, in fact, a fantastic way to declutter my mind.)  I’ve lost 27 pounds thus far (of which nearly ten is snoozing quietly next to me in her swing as I write).

I’ve been thinking about writing a fitness blog for awhile now.  There are few things I am more passionate about than health and wellness.  I’m a devotee of Sara Snow, green living expert.  I buy organic food whenever possible. I read lots of books about real food, anticancer diets, and the like.  I take supplements.  I breastfeed exclusively.  I used cloth diapers for nearly two years with Hendrik, and recently began again with Ailie.  I create my own cleaning products with vinegar and orange oil and regularly admonish my husband, J, for his all-encompassing love of Windex.  I do everything in my power to make our environment healthy for my family.

But I need LOTS of work.  A TOTAL mama makeover, if you will.  (See what I did there?)

I have a real weakness when it comes to sugar.  I love ALL sweets, and really find it difficult to eat them in moderation.  I never met a simple carb I didn’t love.

Did I mention I am also ridiculously inspired by Gretchen Rubin?  To that end, my resolutions for this month are:

  1. No convenience food.  In Texas, the drive-thru is king.  (Not only do we have fast food and drive-thru Starbucks; we’ve got drive-thru libraries and dry cleaners.  They really don’t want us to walk, y’all.) So when you’re bored?  And you’re a mom?  And your kid is in the car?  You drive-thru.  I have been working to curb my Starbucks addiction (more on that later); so in an effort to save money, I often cruise through McDonald’s for a large unsweetened iced tea.  And maybe an Egg McMuffin.  Or an apple pie.  Or sometimes a McFlurry.  I’m only human, you guys.  And in this scenario?  My waistline AND my bank account suffer.  No more.
  2. MOVE.  I admit, it’s tough to exercise at present.  I’m home with the two kids most days (except for a few hours when Hendrik goes to preschool), and I am not yet at the point where I can wake up early to squeeze in a workout (Ailie is up about every 3 hours most nights).  But, I’ve been wearing a pedometer for the past several days, and upping the ante on the household chores.  It’s working.  Yesterday I logged nearly 9000 steps.   Just move, I tell myself.  Particularly away from the kitchen pantry.  And maybe pick up the vacuum every now and then.

So there you have it.  Join me on this journey, won’t you?  We’ll talk fitness, health, environmentally-friendly-living, and even pop culture!  I love me some pop culture, friends.

Finally, because I like music a whole lot and find it particularly inspiring for work-outs and bad days, a “song of the day” feature.  Let’s do this!

Song of the day: I Will Follow You into the Dark by Death Cab for Cutie.  It made my 2 mile walk this afternoon that much more enjoyable, as it actually sparked loving thoughts towards J, whom I only felt murderous rage for last night as he slept peacefully whilst I was up every hour with Ailie.


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