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Weekly Round-Up: Where Do We Go Now?

Welp, it’s February 18th, and I’ve yet to share with you my February resolutions. Spoiler Alert: I have not done ANY of my February resolutions. And why, you may ask?  In no particular order: my birthday; out-of-town guests; teething; growth spurts; no sleep; finance class; cramming in moments to study; workouts; cooking; Valentine’s Day prep … Continue reading

Ailie Eden

Happy six months to our lovely, loveable, joy-filled baby A. (For video, see here.) I still have moments when I look at you and can’t quite believe you are ours. You’re so poised and graceful after precious few months on earth.  You are radiant, baby girl.  Thank you for blessing us everyday with your smile. … Continue reading

Methylparabens and Other Yummy Stuff

Lately, it’s easy for me to fall off the healthy living bandwagon.  I find when you make many changes in your life, it’s extremely easy to rationalize a few unhealthy options. I was in the shower the other day and picked up the bottle of rose witch hazel I bought before our nuptials, when I … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Finance and Teething

My week can be summed up in two words: Finance. Teething. It’s the final week of the DietBet, and Mama’s goal is to avoid the chocolate chips.  Much easier said than done.  Let’s get to it, shall we? Current Weight: 143 Pounds lost since blog’s inception: 19.6 Pounds lost since A’s birth: 47.6 And this … Continue reading

Five Days More

I FINALLY saw Les Mis last night, and I absolutely ADORED the film.  My expectations were low as I had read a floppity jillion mixed reviews, but oh, it was so moving and grand and spectacular. Also spectacular: the quesadillas and Raisinets I ate.  Oh, and the two Manhattans.  Yes, my friends: a cheat night.  … Continue reading


It happened again. I’ve been doing such an excellent job of avoiding terrible news.  In fact, since deleting most of my news apps, I hardly visit the folder anymore, except for an occasional entertainment news fix.  But now that Kim Kardashian is prego, I’ll probably also forgo that guilty pleasure.  I just can’t, guys.  No. … Continue reading

Happy New Year, Friends!

Welcome to 2013! Did you see the stroke of midnight last night?  We saw the stroke of 10:15.  We had some wonderful friends over and we did much cooking and cleaning beforehand.  We were already tired (and I’m still under the weather), so once our guests left at close to 9, we were wiped.  We did … Continue reading

Weekly Round-Up: Resolutionary

My poor little man is on the mend after being sick (fever, cough, boogers galore) since Christmas Eve morning; today, I finally succumbed to some strain of whatever he had.  My head is stuffy and aching, my throat is sore, and we’re running out of tissues in this house.  Should make for a fun little … Continue reading

Good Choice, Not-So-Good Choice

My son is having a tough time at school. A little background: we started Hendrik in a two year-old program in September.  I agonized over this decision (seriously, tears and spreadsheets and 867 school visits), but I knew he was ready for the challenge.  He was 2.25 years old, extremely verbal and bright, and needed … Continue reading