It took me a long time to remember my password here. So…

Hey you guys!

I am still here in Texas, kickin’ it. Things are good. Things are better. There is much to say but I don’t want to overwhelm myself. So I thought I’d start small, and just tell you that yesterday, when I told my son it was time to eat breakfast, he replied:

Mom, can I tell you something? You are RUINING my life. You are DESTROYING me now.

We are still MONTHS from four. I just adore him.


He also got his head stuck recently. He was pretty quiet upstairs when suddenly he called out: “Mom? Can you come up? I have a problem.”

You can hardly fault me for telling him to hold still and smile so I could snap a picture.

And this tiny drop of joy. Twenty-two-and-a-half L-Bs and 33 inches tall. She’s 18 months old and just an absolute joy. No really, she’s luminous.

318 328


Sometimes she gets down too though, guys.  She’s only human.


And sometimes there are mornings – amidst all the chaos and frustration of trying to hustle everyone out the door – when they decide they would like to hold hands, and Would you take a picture of us, Mom?


I came across this message in the park the other day:


I’m so very, very lucky.


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