Oh Hey There!

Welp, it’s been a long time, mah friends.

And that’s not to say I’m quite back to blogging.  I must tell you, it’s been wonderfully cathartic for me to just let some things go.  Like this lovely little blog, for a few solid months.  And my job as playgroup coordinator at the Mom’s League, because man, I sucked at that.  And it was always hanging over me, largely because I procrastinate to within an inch of my life. A lot.  I also pretended I didn’t see the notice about re-applying for a position on the library board.  I love our local library like a third child, but honestly, first alternates on library boards don’t do much but attend monthly meetings at which we discuss contributions (in the amount of $15, from Mr. Joseph Whatshisface), and once we took a tour and got to see where they polish the DVDs.

I’m doing much, much better from whence we last spoke.  My anxiety has been in check and teetering on normal mom stuff.  I still have the occasional moment of pure terror (this lower back pain is obviously terminal lower back cancer), but it’s been fleeting and more manageable.  More on that later.

I’m still in school, of course, but my last two courses have been incredibly – dare I utter the word? –  relaxed.  They’ve been mostly lecture and discussion.  My summer course (Effective Leadership elective) had no exams for me to lose my mind over; and this semester in BLAW I’ve got two exams which are open book, bless their hearts.

And the kiddos?  Well, this beautiful little person turned ONE, guys.  More on that later, too.  She can walk but chooses not to practice, thankyouverymuch, as she crawls quick as lightening (or a lizard, as Hendrik says).  And!  She’s almost weaned.  She is, actually, probably weaned.  But it’s only been a few days and you know as wonderful as it is to be done with nursing (FREEDOM!), it hurts my heart just a bit.  They grow so fast.

028 IMG_3373020

And here’s my darling little man, who just started his second year of preschool and can spell his name and frequently asks if I want to have “conversations” about this and that.  He tries our patience daily with his constant negotatiations (we call him “Counselor” or “Sheldon” a lot), but he is just so lovable and hilarious that at the end of most days, after we’ve taken deep breaths and decompressed, we sneak into their rooms and marvel over our good fortune.  And we’re probably also scrolling through our phones watching videos of them.  They’re hilarious.

018 019 1231688_10151570569795373_1608217563_n


One thought on “Oh Hey There!

  1. Welcome back… I’ve missed your blogging!! Your children are beautiful… and congrats on finding your balance in everyday life. You’re doing a great job!

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