Meal Planning for Dummies

This AM we’re prepping for vacation and I’m trying to cram some studying in (my Operations Management final is tomorrow night, HALLELUJAH) as I listen to Indigo Girls Pandora (I miss those chicks) and chug lemon water.  I’m trying to detox from a DISGUSTING breakfast this AM at a local diner.  I ordered a combo platter, which included pancakes, eggs, bacon, and hash browns.

BLECH.  Totally not worth the calories as the pancakes were the absolute worst – could not be rescued by gobs of syrup – and the scrambled eggs were runny and slathered in butter.  I don’t like my eggs buttery.  Even the hash browns – one of my favorite guilty pleasures – were nothing to write home about.  I didn’t finish anything; but now I’m dealing with heartburn, queasiness, and deep regret.

Epic breakfast fail.

So I got down to meal and exercising planning for the week.  Organizing and planning always makes me feel better.  I feel a bit out of ideas when it comes to meals, but when I review the upcoming week, I’m excited to eat good food, get plenty of rest, and work out.  Here’s what I’m thinking.  What are you all up to this week?

  Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Breakfast Smoothie: spinach, strawberry, banana, carrot, flax Oatmeal with coconut milk, raisins, almonds Smoothie Ezekial English muffin with almond butter and honey Smoothie
Lunch Salad: salmon, feta, walnuts, avocado; tomato, celery Veggies and Salmon packed for gym Ezekial English Muffin pizza with mozz and spinach Salad Veggies and Salmon
Snack Apple and deviled egg Watermelon and deviled egg Deviled egg and 2 pieces dark chocolate Granola bite Granola bite
Dinner Veggie Burger wraps with cucumber salad and steamed carrots Baked tofu, quinoa, steamed carrots, broccoli Chicken burritos Falafel Wraps – mozz and avocado and tomato
Snack Celery and cream cheese and watermelon Cheese stick, mustard and crackers Celery and cream cheese and piece of fruit Frozen grapes and cheese stick Glass of wine and 2 pcs dark chocolate
Exercise Tracy Anderson @ 9:30 AM Gym 11 AM – 12 PM (appt made) AM Run or Gym – out by 5:45 AM; Tracy Anderson @ 9:15 AM Gym at 3:30 PM; need   to make appointment Tracy Anderson @ 9:15 AM

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