Weekly Round-Up: So What’s New?


What is up with you guys? I have feel like we haven’t connected in ages.  Totally my fault.  Things have been busy.  Luckily, my semester is wrapping up, the office reno is nearly complete (photos upon final completion), and in one week’s time I’ll have about a month off from grad school.  Glorious!

So the sugar detox ended, and then yesterday I purchased a bag of Lindt Lindor Peanut Butter Milk Chocolate Truffles.  The bag states that the morsels are IRRESTIBLY SMOOTH, which, I can assure you, is absolutely TRUE.

The bag is empty.

You see why I cannot be trusted around sweets?!?

(In my defense, J and I were parked on our couches last night watching the final episodes of Homeland, Season 1.  Yowza!  Apparently I eat when things get tense.)

So I ate 1027 calories (79 grams of fat) of truffly deliciousness in less than 24 hours.  Impressed?

It’s a good thing I’ve been exercising.  (And no, I am NEVER BUYING these God-forsaken Lindts ever again IN LIFE.)

A few notes: yesterday I tried Melissa’s 30-minute bun-burning power walk.  LOVED IT.  I wasn’t in the mood to run and this workout – with a max 15% incline – had me sweating buckets.  My quads were sore today!

This morning I put my screaming quads through a Tracy Anderson DVD.  My friend Christine is not quite two months postpartum and asked if I wanted to split the Method.  We haven’t bought the full package yet, as this DVD instructs you to start with the Mat workout for at least a month before diving into Metamorphosis.  It was great to have a workout buddy to hold me accountable.  I put A down for her nap, put Toy Story 2 on for H, and we finished nearly the whole workout before my little man padded downstairs to behold the glory that is two women attempting a Tracy Anderson ab workout for the first time.

It is obviously just a matter of time until we look like this:


Sunday, April 21 2.43 miles, 27 minutes on treadmill
Thursday, April 25 1.39 mile walk with A outdoors, 25 minutes
Saturday, April 27 2.31 mile walk outdoors with the fam, 43 minutes
Sunday, April 28 1.93 miles, 33 minutes on tread; 10 minutes on bike, 2 miles
Monday, April 29, 2013 Tracy Anderson Method Mat Workout DVD, 60 minutes

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