Weekly Round-Up: The Sugar Detox Hath Ended

I decided to call the sugar detox yesterday.  It was a very fruitful two weeks, but I felt positively awful yesterday.  I was sleepy and depressed, a funk I couldn’t shake, no matter how much J cleaned (clutter and messiness really take a toll on my mood) or opting for a solo trip to the gym.  I recalled reading about a study in which people who were forced to eschew sugar eventually became depressed and even suicidal.  So the detox came to an end.  (And not with a crazy binge, thankfully.   I deliberated for a few hours, and once I opted to end the experiment I ate a few tablespoons of heavenly chocolate chips.)

I’ve also had a bit of a rough week.  Aside from my preoccupation with the happenings in Boston (these things bring up bad memories for me), my comp was seemingly wiped out by a virus.  All of my data appeared to be erased, but after a quick search, it was actually hidden.  (At least all of our photos and videos are backed up on separate zip drives, but I thought all of my documents were lost.)  I didn’t have the time to search for and restore everything, so I chose the most important docs as I attempted to sort out the problem.  I ran a million scans and was able to identify a trojan horse (which apparently is NOT a virus) and once that was deleted, I restarted my computer.

After the reboot, ALL of my documents were restored!  Oh, except all of the MOST important files and photo and video folders.  Those are lost for good.  So, awesome.

As I was repairing the old comp, I noticed I had busted my wedding ring, AGAIN.  I break my engagement ring or wedding band at least once every 18 months.  This time, a prong was missing and some diamonds were spinning in place.  Luckily they were still in tact.  I wrote J a “Good news/bad news” email, trying to keep some perspective (#firstworldproblems anyone?).

But finally, later that day, I got an urgent message from my little brother.  Good news: no one was dead.  Bad news: his first job placement for his five-year rotational program has been changed.  Instead of moving to a small town in Texas (2.5 hours from us), he’ll be in in my home county, 1500 miles from us along with everyone else we know and love.  Good news for him, but I was surprised by my level of disappointment.  I hadn’t realized how much I was looking forward to having him here.  We’d been so excited for him to visit on weekends and holidays.  I was beyond thrilled that the kids would have an uncle very close  (2.5 hours away is practically next door in Texas miles).  We were looking forward to helping him find an apartment and going to visit him.  We were thrilled that his coworker and roommate grew up about 20 minutes from where we live; he’d have someone to carpool with and would be able to hang out with people his own age.

None of that will happen now.  So I did as you do.  I sat in the grocery store parking lot and sobbed.

I think it’s laudable that I didn’t dive into a bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups the moment we arrived home.

I feel a bit better today.  We’re having my office painted, and I can’t tell you how much I am looking forward to the change.  As much as I loved my Victorian study, a brighter, more modern creative space is much more my style.

And hey!  We visited a farm this AM.  We celebrated Earth Day with dye-free, no HFCS snow cones and a little bit of pig-watching.

305736_10151339877630373_157091909_n 528375_10151339877700373_1834071719_n 922869_10151339877645373_1988219703_n

Happy Earth Day, y’all.  Be kind to her today!



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