Weekly Round-Up: Pour Some Sugar on Me. Please.

Sugar detox: Day 8 (Eight?  Can it be?)

It’s getting a bit easier to avoid the sugars.  I took H and A to see Thomas the Train on Friday morning, and I could actually feel my brain synapses light up when I saw the blinking FUNNEL CAKE sign.  In another life, I would have happily devoured ALL the funnel cake.  But of course, I had to settle for a Larabar.  Sweet, sweet Larabar.

On Friday night, I threw some apples, raisins, walnuts, and a bit of organic unsalted butter in a pan with cinnamon, nutmeg, and almond extract, baked for 20 minutes at 350, and very much enjoyed the final product, though it was lacking in the sugary maple syrup department.  I also enjoyed a Lemon Pie Larabar after a family trip to Corner Bakery.  It was a nice substitute for their out-of-this-world lemon bar, also known as 590 calories and 29 grams of sugar.

I still miss the hell out of coffee creamer too, you guys.

In other news, I took my first barre class on Saturday morning.  Are y’all familiar with this exercise craze “sweeping the nation”?  Spoiler alert: IT HURTS.

I thought I was somewhat physically fit; but the barre works muscles that are rarely used in my daily routines.  And the old abs are quite useless after being stretched to capacity two kids later.  But as with all grueling workouts, I felt fantastic for the rest of the day.

And hey!  J and I went out to DINNER and a CONCERT on Saturday night.  It felt exactly like 2009 except we drove separately so that J could enjoy his favorite band if the kids needed me.  Ailie was up three times between 7 and 12, but bless our sweet babysitter who handled her so adeptly.  Unfortunately. though doors were at 8, Frightened Rabbit didn’t come out until 10:45.  I stayed until about 11:30, and then I headed home to relieve the sitter.  But every moment was glorious, I tell you.


The scale keeps moving in the wrong direction after it dipped down to a record 140 and some change.  Today it read 144.4 and instead of getting annoyed, I decided I would just put the kibosh on weigh-ins for a week.  I’ve been eating very well; but I have been indulging in more full fat items and PB and almond butter to fill the sweet void.

But I’ve been working out like a boss and feeling great, and I’m still not bloated and my clothes feel better.  So regardless of a silly little number on my digital scale: I’m happy with the way things are going.

Also, we had a picnic.  These dudes are growing up so fast.

IMG_4852 IMG_4858 IMG_4856

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