Bibliophile, Interrupted.


Ah, parenting of the very young: a surefire way to obliterate your love of a good book (or even a good blog post: as I sat to write, my daughter began fussing).

I have a floppity-jillion books I want to read, and just precious little time in which to sit down and actually read them.  (Not pictured: my Operations Management text, which arrived on Thursday; I’ve managed to get through chapter one this week before the start of class this evening.)  When I finally crawl into bed each night, I’m too exhausted to stay awake past a few pages.

These days, I’m prone to giving up on books that don’t pique my interest quickly.  I had my library order this book for me, based on GR’s recommendation, and no.  Just: no.  This is an encyclopedia.  My brain can barely handle a YA novel at this point.  No.

I also recently picked up The Dinner by Herman Koch.  This book was first recommended by O Magazine; I was further intrigued after listening to an interview with Mr. Koch on NPR.  The premise sounded interesting: the kids are involved in something OH SO TERRIBLE, and the parents hash it out one evening over dinner.  How far would you go to protect your children?  I was only able to read about three pages a night, so perhaps that is why this was a complete snoozefest for me.  Eighty-or so pages in?  NO.  Just no.  I still don’t know what those damn kids were up to and I JUST DON’T CARE.

So now I am reading about 80 or so books simultaneously:

  1. The Secrets of Happy Families.  Heard the author on NPR; immediately picked this up from the library.  I’m pleased to say this is a book I might actually finish.  Sound the trumpets.
  2. Intuitive Eating.  I’ve got this one downloaded on the Kindle.
  3. The Tipping Point.  Just because I haven’t read it, and Gladwell’s stuff always fits in nicely with my coursework.

The rest?  I’m hoping to get to them slowly but surely over the next few weeks.

Other fun facts:

  1. I keep a record of all of the books I read in a Word doc called “Currently Reading”.  I love looking back at some of my favorites (I started the list in 2004).
  2. I’ve read exactly ONE book this year.  ONE.  I loved this book, and yet have not put anything I learned into practice AT ALL.
  3. It took 1.5 hours to get Ailie to sleep last night.  I came downstairs at 9:20.  I went to bed at 9:40.  She was up again at 9:58.  (I literally couldn’t move at that point; J had to go up.)  Then she woke at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, and finally at 6:45.  I know she is new to this world and all, but COME ON.


She is cute though so I will possibly keep her.

PLEASE share with me what you are reading that is fun and quick and light and bright, mmmkay?


4 thoughts on “Bibliophile, Interrupted.

  1. The “One Book” for Philadelphia this year is ‘The Buddha in the Attic’ by Julie Otsuka – I’m nearly finished it. It’s really different and beautiful.

  2. I love Gladwell, his stuff is great. I just re-read What the Dog Saw. The other one you might like is The Power of Habit. Interesting to see why we do the things we do.

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