The Grocery Store Chronicles, Part Deux

Ah, the Grocery Store Chronicles continue this week!  Friends, this is one of my most fabulous resolutions yet.

It was STUPENDOUS to be free from the chains that are our local Target.  From 2/26 – 3/4, I had exactly two grocery store outings: one to Target and one to Whole Foods.

Total spending?  172.29Bazinga.  Meals were strategically planned, and we didn’t run out of anything.  It really was liberating.

Last week, we went to Target on Tuesday, returning with all of this lovely grub.


(For shame, Diet Coke!  I’m proud to say I have had exactly one DC since November.  Sadly, I cannot say the same for my dear husband.  But we’ve made some progress there.)

Unfortunately I couldn’t get to Whole Foods until Thursday, but we were in and out since I didn’t need too much.


Peep those Thai rice noodles.  I had a feeling that Target wanted too much for them (5.69 for a 16-oz box), so I waited to purchase at Whole Foods.  2.69 for a 14-oz box there!  Some of the more obscure ethnic and vegan foods are cheaper at the WF, y’all.

Last week, I cheated ever-so-slightly.  I forgot to pick up eggs, which we needed for Sunday night’s DELISH Mediterranean Turkey Meatloaf.  So A and I had to do a Target run , but the only grocery I allowed us were the eggs.  (The chocolates were totally entertainment, guys.)

So, last week’s total?  176.31.  Slightly over our weekly target, but since week one was under we’re resting pretty at 348.60 overall.  Not too shabby.

We’ve got some grocery hurdles coming up soon in the form of houseguests.  My grandfather is coming to visit for a few days this week; then my mom and stepfather will be here for Easter.  Not sure exactly how to handle the additional costs, but I’m thinking “entertainment” for anything we wouldn’t normally buy.  Because we have so many guests annually, lots of times they end up heading to Target themselves to pick up their own staples, so we’ll see how this goes.

Hope your week is fabulous thus far, chickens!


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