Weekly Round-Up: Where Do We Go Now?

Welp, it’s February 18th, and I’ve yet to share with you my February resolutions.

Spoiler Alert: I have not done ANY of my February resolutions.

And why, you may ask?  In no particular order: my birthday; out-of-town guests; teething; growth spurts; no sleep; finance class; cramming in moments to study; workouts; cooking; Valentine’s Day prep and activities; the sore throat that WOULD NOT DIE; and TEETHING, part deux, that began again last night.

Mama is very, very sleepy.

And apparently, self-improvement is not a luxury that one can afford when just trying to keep your head above water.  Ya dig?

I’ve decided that I will attempt both February and March’s resolution beginning on March 1, though those may be slightly less ambitious than I had hoped.  No matter: I will focus on what is important AND keep careful tabs on my goals.

I’ve also been thinking about the Weekly Round-Up.  I do still have weight loss goals (wedding weight is within reach, friends), but at present I’m not hyper-focused on the weight loss.  It shall come.  Now, I’d just like to make my body strong and really fit again.  We’ve scheduled our first real family vacation in spring (Gulf Shores, Alabama), and I’d love to feel confident in a bikini.  (Said every woman, everywhere, ever.)

For now, I’ll focus on exercise, and moving a bit each day.  Lord knows this is no easy feat at present.  But we persevere.

Weekly Exercise:

Tuesday, 2/12               Nope.  Sick and tired.

Wednesday 2/13          Nada.  Sore throat makes me cranky.

Thursday, 2/14            Mama and Baby Yoga (delightful)

Friday, 2/15                  Still sick.  Doc visit for me.  No strep, no drugs, no relief.  GAH.

Saturday, 2/16            35 minutes of Yoga for Stress Relief (heavenly), plank 30 seconds

Sunday, 2/17                2.44 mile run, 11 min pace, 26:53 minutes

IMG_4324 IMG_4331 IMG_4377 IMG_4356

Some photos of V-Day treats (whole grain blueberry muffins), and H’s fabulous bed-head.  We were also able to sit outside in the glorious 71 degree weather yesterday.  Unfortunately I couldn’t find A’s sun hat so she is dressed like a lumberjack.

This week, Ailie and I are finally going to join the gym.  I can’t wait to have a place and the time to work out!

How was your week?

4 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: Where Do We Go Now?

  1. Is Yoga for stress relief on demand? Also ,the Ailie post was beautiful. I got teary, especially about daddies falling for their daughters.

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