Ailie Eden

Happy six months to our lovely, loveable, joy-filled baby A. (For video, see here.)


I still have moments when I look at you and can’t quite believe you are ours.
You’re so poised and graceful after precious few months on earth.  You are radiant, baby girl.  Thank you for blessing us everyday with your smile.

And your fabulous hair.

Thank you for the quiet, stolen moments with you.

Thank you for tolerating your brother’s antics with good humor and cheer.

Believe me: he loves you.

Thank you for our inside jokes.

Thank you for melting your Daddy’s heart daily.  Someday you’ll learn this: it’s a miracle to witness, the man you love falling for his baby daughter.
Thank you for all that you are, right here and right now.
Mama and Daddy and Hendrik love you, sweet girl.  Happy six months.

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