Weekly Round-Up: Finance and Teething

My week can be summed up in two words:



It’s the final week of the DietBet, and Mama’s goal is to avoid the chocolate chips.  Much easier said than done.  Let’s get to it, shall we?

Current Weight: 143

Pounds lost since blog’s inception: 19.6

Pounds lost since A’s birth: 47.6

And this week’s workouts:

Monday:          REST

Tuesday:          1.92 mile walk outdoors with A; 5 minute deck-of-cards workout

Wednesday:    1.49 mile grueling walk to park, pushing double stroller

Thursday:        REST

Friday:              LAZINESS.

Saturday:        YIKES.

Sunday:          SERIOUSLY?

(You see why it is so helpful for me to post fitness updates.  Yowza, last week I failed to move.)

I haven’t fared much better this week, with the continued teething and financing.  But!  A fellow mama offered an ingenius idea yesterday at a lovely luncheon: the dream gym I’ve been itching to join has a childcare facility that most women in our area swear by.  It also has a cafe (and a spa, but I digress) where I can escape to do school work.  I’m guessing I could snag a membership for $100/month, tops (that includes the childcare for two kiddos).  That’s two hours per day of babysitting!  I could use half to catch up on school work; half to hit the gym and fitness classes hard.  Were I to hire our local sitter for three hours per week (as I had planned to do), I’d be paying her $144 monthly.  Thus, I am saving $44 each month and getting a gym membership.

WIN!  I am a finance wizard, y’all.

I have been cooking a ton this week: granola,  nachos, oatmeal chocolate chip pancakes, homemade hummus, whole-grain blueberry muffins.  Also tried a chocolate PB smoothie inspired by Brooke at Running in Heels.

IMG_4088 IMG_4132 IMG_4138 IMG_4147 IMG_4159IMG_4136

Oh, and this happened:


I’m always looking for healthy short-cuts and fun recipes to try.  What are y’all eating this week?


7 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: Finance and Teething

  1. Such cute pictures! And that gym/money idea is on point 😉 ..how are your classes going? I’m only a couple days in and exhausted already from staying up all night reading/writing – was school always like this?! lol

    • Girl, class is great but everything else is exhausting! How many classes are you in for this term? I’m taking 2 but luckily each is an 8-week course. That way I only have to focus on one at a time. My mommy brain couldn’t do much else!

      • 8-weeks are great because they go fast – but I’m sure your work is super intense because they fit so much stuff in such a short span! I’m taking 16-credits… because I’ve completely, totally lost my mind lol 🙂

  2. Gym idea – genius. I made these mini zuchinni tots this week, shread zuchinni, ring out the moisture, mix with an egg, s/p, breadcrumbs and cheese, and spoon into mini muffin tins, bake for about 30 minutes. So good!

    Im back in school, too, so i feel your pain.

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