Texts and Burpees

Friends!  School is proving to be a challenge, in more ways then one.  Take my Facebook status update from the first night:

First night back to school!  Forgot my parking pass; did not buy the book; I don’t own a financial calculator; didn’t print the syllabus; and I have spit-up on my boot.  I’m doing awesome, guys.

The bookstore was sold out of the book and I so I ordered from Amazon the minute I got home on Monday night.  It has not shipped yet so of course I AM DYING INSIDE.  I’m already THREE chapters behind.  THREE.  Who am I?

I’ve downloaded a sample of a similar text to my Kindle (desperate times, guys), so I must go read that now.  I just stopped by to tell you that yesterday I got in a whole ELEVEN minutes of Bob Harper’s deck of cards workout from Monday night’s Biggest Loser.  It was super fun and, provided you have a deck of cards, you’re golden.

Each suit gets its own move.


Pick a card, and do the exercise and number presented on the card.  (These were my first ever burpees.  Shamefully, I had to Google to make sure I actually knew what a burpee was.)

I also recommend picking up an adorable baby for motivation.


Your workout is over when the baby fusses and demands to be held.


Though I only got a few minutes in, I was sweating and I am sore this morn.  Going to squeeze this workout in again today and say a prayer to Amazon that my text ships soon.



2 thoughts on “Texts and Burpees

  1. oh my gosh burpees are the worst/best! i did them as part of a circuit today too! whewww, u feel those fast! fingers crossed ur book comes in soon! 🙂

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