Golden Globes Motivation

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night?

I get ridiculously excited for awards shows, but this one sneaked up on me.  I was cleaning the bathroom yesterday when I thought, “Hey!  the Globes are on tonight!”

A second later, I thought: “Those bastards all have cleaning ladies.  I want a cleaning lady.  I hate everyone.”

Around 5, I was upstairs nursing Ailie when I texted J to DVR the red carpet arrivals with lots of exclamation points.

At 7:15, I asked him if he also recorded the actual show.

He didn’t.  I totally missed the opening.  Add that to my sudden hatred of all of these ridiculously gorgeous and wealthy and successful people WHO HAVE PEOPLE WHO CLEAN THEIR MANSIONS, and I made for a fun person to hang with last night.


I caught most of the show once the kiddos were finally tucked in their beds (sans commercials), snacking on a few granola bites. 

I paid careful attention to Claire Danes, who gave birth to a sweet little boy on DECEMBER 17th:



And then there was Kristen Bell, who has been making the press rounds lately talking about how ENORMOUS she is prego:

Kristen Bell

Oh lady.  You are gorgeous and glowing.  Stop.

And if you needed some Monday morning inspiration to get moving and eat better, I give you Jennifer Lopez:


And these stunning women, who are so fabulous I can’t stand it:


I loved this look, but check out Jennifer Lawrence’s waist.  How is she still standing, as she must be wearing a corset tighter than Scarlett O’Hara’s?



I also need to know more about this spray tan:


And finally, this woman cannot be human:


I am now convinced she is a spectacularly gorgeous cyborg.

What were your favorite looks from last night’s show?  Do the stars inspire you to get fit?





5 thoughts on “Golden Globes Motivation

  1. Did you see Jessica Alba? I mean, seriously, woman? Where do these people come from? How does one get to that level of beauty? I hate them all.

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