Ginger Dressing Win!

So I am slightly obsessed infatuated a normal amount with this ginger dressing.  I’ve had a love affair with it for over a decade, so imagine my delight when I found it at our local Target.  It is the only dressing I want on my frozen veggies with salmon concoction, so for months and months this remained a staple in our home.

Until one fateful day, when I could no longer find it at the store.

At first, I thought they had perhaps run out.  But weeks went by, and my beloved dressing never reappeared.  Dejected, I purchased some fresh ginger instead, and vowed to make my own version.


I googled ginger dressing and went through a very careful selection process of picking the first recipe that appeared.*

Praise Jesus, I had all of the ingredients.


And voila!  A miracle dressing is born, that is perhaps even TASTIER than my old love.

(I would post a photo, but it just looks like some liquid in a glass container.)

I already slathered my vegetables with it yesterday, and it shall now be my go-to dressing for all of our salads.

Also, did you know that ayurveda likens ginger to a virtual medicine cabinet?  It can alleviate nausea, clear sinuses, relieve joint pain, and may also have aphrodisiac properties. Meow!

(*I used about a half cup of EVOO, and next time would likely use less.)


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