Five Days More


I FINALLY saw Les Mis last night, and I absolutely ADORED the film.  My expectations were low as I had read a floppity jillion mixed reviews, but oh, it was so moving and grand and spectacular.

Also spectacular: the quesadillas and Raisinets I ate.  Oh, and the two Manhattans.  Yes, my friends: a cheat night.  One I do not feel guilty for, as I have been doing so well this week.

So where are we, resolutionally-speaking?

One week in to the new year, and some goals are sticking better than others:

Drinks last week: 8.5 (We had a weekend full of good times with friends in town, so I’d say I was imbibing less than the rest.)

Booty Workout: Sadly, only once this week.  But…

Exercise: 4 sessions, including the Jillian Yoga DVD twice, which works the booty a significant amount (a few of the moves are identical).  The booty, she is being sculpted alright.

Food diary: Yes, ma’am.  Every morsel logged.

Processed foods: About 8 with more than 5 ingredients.  Because we were hosting and then a guest at a friend’s home, we had a few crackers and buns here and there.  This week will be better.

Plank-a-day: Only 3!  I am doing this as soon as I am done here.  There is no excuse, it’s so simple! (Though on days I missed an official timed plank, I was planking like mad during the yoga DVD.)

And how is that DietBet going, you ask?  I’m currently down 2.3 pounds!  I’ve got 25 days to lose 3.5 pounds.  I’m feeling good.

If you happened to read the title to this rambling post, I go back to school in just 5 days.  I can’t believe my maternity “leave” is coming to an end.  In the wee hours of the night, while I’m up nursing A, I’m scrolling through CNN Money articles to get my brain back into business mode.  Last night, my trip to the movies was also a test-run for J to see how he will be able to handle the bedtime drama in this house.

His comments?

It was a complete shit show.

Ailie loves her routine with mama, so it’s sometimes a struggle to get her to take a bottle.  It’s also more difficult for her to fall asleep with the bottle, so there was lots of crying on her part.  H did pretty well, although he was WIDE AWAKE until 8:45, demanding his belly rubbed and a story about Pippin and Malone. (J had the brilliant idea to start telling stories at bedtime.  We’ve basically created a whole children’s book series in our brains, and H LOVES it.  But some nights we have to insist on reading Dr. Seuss, for the love of Pete.)

So my poor husband spent the entire evening running back and forth between the kids’ rooms until 8:45.  He had 25 minutes of glorious silence, and then A was at it again.  I’m telling myself sure it will go better next week.


I’m not. That. Innocent.



4 thoughts on “Five Days More

  1. lol such a cute pic! i saw Les Mis too (and had a glass of wine and chips + dip on top of it!).. cheat days are the best 🙂 i feel like i eat egg whites and spinach smoothies so much, that if i want to go to the movies and have a little fun there’s no harm in that 🙂 ..and if it makes u feel better: i have a glass of wine each night 😉 congrats on the 2.3lbs!

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