Two Fabulous Ways to Start Your Day

1.  Oatmeal, complete with coconut milk, raisins, a drizzle of honey, a dash of cinnamon, and a few chopped walnuts.  (Inspired by this recipe.)


2. This:



2 thoughts on “Two Fabulous Ways to Start Your Day

  1. i finally caught up with you moving over here… i was a little behind but boy momma you have been busy! i was back down to my WW goal in sept (lifetime member after Gobbles) and ballooned up TEN lbs over the holidays – so now I’m following you closely for inspiration… and back to tracking and meetings for me…
    by the way jillian michaels is one of my faves – the 30 day shred is my old standby (along with tae bo, yup that’s right late 90’s billy blanks).
    keep up the good work, and you’re right with pic #2 – best motivation to be our best selves – she’s so cute!
    just wanted to let you know i’m reading…

  2. Aw, you made my day! Thanks for reading! And yep: the holidays got me too. But WW really is the way to go, and now I am doing this DietBet thing (see a few posts back). I think you can still join if you are interested. It’s definitely keeping me motivated – I do not want to lose my $20, or the opportunity to make some more cash!
    But good luck in losing the last 10 – you are my hero, what with moving, working, and 2 kids. You’re awesome!

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