Weekly Round-Up

This has been a week of sick, but I feel like my condition is improving every day.  Head cold combined with a sinus infection makes for a happy, patient mama.  Except not quite. But healing.

Today marks the first day of the DietBet!  I’m pumped. We’re up to 108 players and a $2160 pot.  Your blogmistress weighed in yesterday, and I’ve got to lose 5.9 pounds in 4 weeks, which I think is a highly achievable goal.

I’m slowly getting back to exercise this week (unfortunately as I write, my neck is bugging me again), but here’s what the week looked like (love this exercise list format from Erica House):

Friday:              .8 mile walk in park (A in her stroller, H on his bike); plank; plie squats

Saturday:         20-minute AM Yoga DVD; .9 mile run (I’ll take it!); 1.5 mile walk in neighborhood

Sunday:            2 mile walk with Baby A; plank; plie squats; tee-ball with Hendrik

I’m trying to get in parts of my booty workout whenever I can, and I’m just trying to move more with the kids.  I had a blast running around with H yesterday playing ball.  Plus, I get some time alone with my first-born and we both get fresh air.  Perfection!

This Week’s Weight Loss: .9 pounds

Weight Loss Since Blog’s Inception: 14.5

Weight Loss Since Ailie’s Birth: 42.3

big loser

In more pressing topics: who watched The Biggest Loser premiere last night?  I love those adorable kids.  I welled up watching Biingo’s story within the first three minutes, so it’s obviously going to be a long season for me.

And!  I went slightly over my points yesterday (3), so I was forced to watch the show sans any treats.  I chugged my lemon water and planked during a commercial break.  It’s challenging to sit down in front of the television without my trusty nighttime snack, but I felt energized breaking that habit.



2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up

  1. breaking the habit is the hardest part! good for u for sticking it out 🙂 ..i don’t usually get to see biggest loser, but i have a bunch of their workout dvd’s that my brother got me a while back – they’re really good!

    • I stopped watching BL when Jillian left, but I just had to see it when she came back. I’ve been listening to her podcasts and I am slightly obsessed with her. I need to check out those workout DVDs!

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