It happened again.

I’ve been doing such an excellent job of avoiding terrible news.  In fact, since deleting most of my news apps, I hardly visit the folder anymore, except for an occasional entertainment news fix.  But now that Kim Kardashian is prego, I’ll probably also forgo that guilty pleasure.  I just can’t, guys.  No.

I’m also careful not to read the now UBIQUITOUS shares on Facebook: Like if you wish cancer didn’t exist!  Like if this tiny baby with the 16-pound tumor is beautiful!  This is this kid, who died in this horrific way! 

(Can we please stop “liking” these things?  Pretty please?)

But yesterday, a friend posted this viral blog post.  I share here for the bigger picture (safety and awareness); but I’m warning you: it’s nearly impossible to read.  Chilling, I would say.  My heart aches for this family.  But I don’t particularly recommend reading it thoroughly.  I couldn’t finish it.

Even in not finishing it, I searched Babies R Us yesterday for dresser attachments.  (Hendrik’s is secured in his bedroom, but what about the other large items in this house?)

And then I started spinning.

The what-ifs just never cease.  And like I explained to you here: I need to break this cycle.  I need to do everything in my power to protect my children, and then realize I cannot control everything.  I must have faith.

This year’s mantra is FEARLESS.

I’m trying to let the bad thoughts come in, acknowledge them, and set them free.  (Much like you would do with a ghost, right?)  I say to myself Yes, that could happen, but it’s not likely.  And then, I bid the fear adieu.

Fearless.  Come on, 2013.  Let’s rid ourselves of anxiety and be joyful.



2 thoughts on “FEARLESS

  1. I can’t begin to imagine how scared I’ll be once I finally have children (kids are on my dream list for 2013… right under: find a man LOL)… I freak out already about not being able to protect my younger brother from the world – and he’s 26! I think you’re on the right track though: FAITH and fearlessness 🙂 “And we know that all things work together for good to those who are the called according to HIs purpose” ♥

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