BLECH. With Updates!

So Baby A has RSV, which she probably got from me, which I got from Hendrik, which he got from all of his tiny, germy friends at school.  Blech.  I’m not really sure what the rules are with RSV, as apparently it can last up to 8 weeks.  How long do we stay inside?

We’ve never been a sick family.  J and I are very rarely ill and H has had a rock-star immune system since birth.  But apparently the preschool years are the years of SICK, which is ultimately a good thing, yes? Thus far we’ve already missed our Christmas dinner,  a birthday party, a brunch, and playgroup.  PLAYGROUP!  I feel positively isolated, you guys.  But we shall overcome.

In my mind, these preschool viruses that we are destined to combat are all a call-to-arms to take excellent care of our bodies.  Lots of fluids, fruits, and veggies; less sweets, less processed foods, and certainly lots of exercise and fresh air.  I am eager to disinfect this house and get outside again; hoping the weather in Big D turns warm again soon.

In resolution news, I did pretty well yesterday.  In between a doctor’s visit and some errands, I planked.  I logged all of my food.  I drank lemon water.  I made granola bites.  I ate pretty well, though the leftovers we threw together (ham, homemade quiche, scalloped potatoes) sent my daily point allowance way over the limit (45 where I should have eaten 34).  I ate one processed food with over 5 ingredients (a leftover dinner roll), but I preferred to eat it rather than toss it.  I feel worse and worse about any wasted food in this house.  We have so much, we can afford to let the organic spinach spoil.  Not cool.

I also made this banana/blueberry/strawberry/spinach/coconut milk smoothie, which unfortunately has not healed me yet.  Boo.


I did not do my booty workout or go for a run (obvs), so that is high on today’s agenda.  I’ve set a goal to run 700 miles this year, which is slightly less than 15 miles per week (allowing a little wiggle room).  I can’t afford to lay around for too much longer!




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