Happy New Year, Friends!

Welcome to 2013!

Did you see the stroke of midnight last night?  We saw the stroke of 10:15.  We had some wonderful friends over and we did much cooking and cleaning beforehand.  We were already tired (and I’m still under the weather), so once our guests left at close to 9, we were wiped.  We did a marathon kitchen clean-up and headed to bed.

I had hoped to start the year off feeling invigorated; I planned to rise early, go for a run, and enjoy the day with my family.  Instead, this persistent cold has made me tired and irritable.  I can’t breathe, and mucus is pouring out of my nose.  (Pretty picture!)  I’ve been resting as much as possible today watching Shania Twain’s reality show on OWN On Demand.  Back to the grind tomorrow.

I’m still hell-bent on my resolutions for 2013, and though I’m sure I’ll add some new ones now and then, I’ve compiled my list of goals for this year to further the “total mama makeover” I’ve begun.  I’ll share all of January’s resolutions now; and just include the overarching topics for the rest of the year.  There is much to do!

January: Food and Fitness

  • Recommit to the Weight Watchers point system
  • Recommit to my food journal
  • Develop 2013 race schedule
  • Rejoin the gym
  • No processed foods (< 5 ingredients)
  • Read this Real Food blog that my best good friend Koos swears by
  • Recipes for kids with hidden veggies
  • No more than 7 drinks per week (download DrinkTracker app)
  • Run 15 miles per week
  • 15-minute booty workout per day
  • Plank-a-day

A few notes about this month’s goals:

  • I’m totally going to start sneaking veggies into H’s meals.  He used to be such an automatic eater; he’s becoming increasingly picky in his old age.
  • I don’t normally drink a whole lot during the week, but J and I tend to have a few drinks each weekend night (and a glass of wine on the stressful days).  Since lots of research seems to indicate that a drink-a-day has certain health benefits, I’m cutting myself off at 7.  Now, I’ll need to do the research on the effects of 3 glasses of wine on each weekend day (I’m guessing that negates the benefits?); but this is more-or-less a month-long test to see how much I’m imbibing.
  • I want a better butt with the least amount of effort.  We’ll see if we notice any marked improvements this month.
  • I loathe ab work and love competition; so plank-a-day is the perfect antidote for this.  Try it!
  • I’m attempting to lose at least 5 more pounds this month.  I can do this!

There are so many things that I’ll be working on throughout the year, but I’ve broken it down into monthly focuses so I can really hone in on the things I need to do better.  I’ll share these on the first of each month.  The rest of the year’s themes:

February: Love.  I’ll be focusing on my marriage, and some things that I need to address to make our relationship even better.

March: Budget.  I’m starting budgetary things today; but in March I’ll regroup and make sure I’m saving appropriately, and limiting grocery-spending, which has gotten out-of-contol.

April: Green.  Time to reevaluate my carbon footprint and see what I can do to improve and reduce waste.

May: Kids.  It’s Hendrik’s birth month, so I’m focuing on being a better parent.

June: Creativity. This month will be all about writing, organizing photos, and finally creating the vision board I’ve been dreaming up since this became a thing however many years ago.

July: Organization.  Oh, Christmas binder: I’m doing you this month.

August: Technology cleanse.

September: Spirituality.  I’m getting back to church this month to reconnect with G-O-D.

October: Meditation and Stress-Relief.

November: Gratitude.

December: Family.

What are you going to do better in the new year?

Some Christmas shots:

181894_10151142711460373_2114783781_n 397639_10151144125935373_444965107_n 20709_10151143054580373_1446311028_n 12086_10151142721365373_1272838056_n



8 thoughts on “Happy New Year, Friends!

  1. I cant believe how much she is changing!

    I love your monthly goals, thats a great idea, just to focus on one thing each month, makes it all alot less overwhelming. I think i will start my list today!

      • I think the usuals, saving, exercising, ect., but i really want to focus on ME, like once a month have a day where I go somewhere without Julia, just to shop, go to the gym, ect. I went to Bed Bath and Beyond the other day and realized it was the only outting have had in a month! I just get wrapped up in taking care of everyone else, I put myself aside.

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