Tweaking…Into a Whole New Era

December 21, 2012.  It’s already 12/22 in Australia, so it appears that the world will go on and I will totally have to lose these last 14 pounds (that’s my stretch goal; just 9 more pounds and I’m back to my pre-baby weight).  But glory of glories!  I am back in the 140s!  This was quite an exciting milestone for me.  I feel like all of my wobbly bits are slowly realigning.

Updates!  Squee!

I’m still not exercising (besides several long walks).  We had a dear friend over for dinner last night, and when she hugged me goodbye something went awry in my back again.  It’s frustrating because I just want to get out there; but I know that my body needs sleep and rest, and so I need to respect that to prevent further injury.

My Christmas binder just sort of openly mocks me today.  I did an admirable job at the holiday this year, but I’m still not done with a few things, and so several people will not get their presents on time.  What can you do?  (Besides once again VOW to start the process on December 26th.  Yep, I’ll vow to do that again this year.)

Baby A has a slight ear infection that we’ve already treated with antibiotics; but last night she had approximately 758 whack attacks, so it looks like I will need to readminister a new drug.  We’ve also gotten the go-ahead to start her on solid foods; I’m thinking today we’ll make a trip to Whole Foods for some organic avocados and sweet potatoes.  I’m going to avoid rice cereal entirely this go round; but I’ll likely pick up some oatmeal cereal.  Get ready, Ailie.  Your world is about to be rocked with real food, little mama.

And Hendrik?  That dude is currently wearing BIG BOY UNDERPANTS.  We’re trying to potty-train boot-camp style.  This involves super-stylish Lightning McQueen underroos and mama asking “Do you need to pee?” every six seconds.  We’ll see how this goes.  I’m anxious to get him out of disposables and just have one cloth-diapered baby up in here.

Merry Christmas, mah friends!  My plan is to revamp the look of this old blog and blow your minds in 2013 with some excellent resolutions for a happier, healthier, more-organized, unbelievably-toned me.  Stay tuned.


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