So close…

We had family photos done last weekend at our neighborhood park.  I already mentioned it here, but it bears repeating: I was reticent because I am still nearly 15 pounds overweight.  And then I saw the photos, and I thought: my God, what silliness.  We are so happy.  Waistlines will grow and shrink, but the joy on our faces?  I want that captured at exactly this moment in time.

The mom stays in the picture.

I’m so close to hitting two of November’s goals.  This morning I weighed 153.2 (down 9.4 pounds since this blog’s inception); and yesterday I noticed that my fake-out wedding ring was a bit loose.  I ran to my jewelry box and pulled out the real deals.

I got them on my finger!

Sure, the digit turned a bit purple.  Still.  We are making progress.

This morning I used my quiet time to create updated family packing spreadsheets.  These really make packing a breeze (though I started packing yesterday, and I suspect it will take me right up until arriving at the terminal to have us completely ready to go).  I’m looking forward to a change of scenery for the holiday.  What are you up to?


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