Weekly Round-Up: Four More Weeks til Race Day

Top of the morning to you all!  Your fearless blogmistress has been up since five (it’s currently 6:14 AM), attempting to valiantly carbo-load before today’s long run.  It’s been a mostly futile exercise.  I’ve managed to choke down a pear and maybe 1/3 cup oatmeal with raisins and honey.  I’ll probably attempt to eat something else in a few minutes, then head out the door just before 7.  I trust it will be enough to sustain me for eight miles.  I really need to test the race day foods and ensure I’m able to tolerate whatever I eat while on the course.  To be continued.

The family is still asleep (Ailie woke to nurse at five, perfect timing) and I’m enjoying these fleeting moments of silence.  I’m drinking decaf coffee with sugar, reading Runner’s World, and creating this week’s grocery list.

Weekly Round-Up time!

Pounds lost this week: 3.2

Total pounds lost since blog inception: 7.4

Total pounds lost since A’s birth: 35.2

What I’m Doing:

  • I was actually successful at my Halloween candy ban.  I haven’t touched the stuff since last Saturday, which – as I am sure most of you know – is no easy feat.  I’ve been working on keeping to my daily points allowance (though some days I do go slightly over), and I began this week with a 7.2 mile trek through the neighborhood.  I wish I would have gotten more miles on weekdays, but I did squeeze in a few, along with a Jillian workout.  This week, I’m going to need to get more serious about mileage.  The goal is to run AT LEAST 20 miles.

What I’m Eating:

What I’m Reading:

  • Went to the library this week and picked up Health, Runner’s World, and Redbook.  I also received Self Magazine in the mail.  Skimming through for great tips I can implement and share soon!

Have a fabulous week, y’all.


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