Organized Christmas

There are few things I love more than a great organizational tip.  I’ve streamlined my life in many ways since having kids (travel packing spreadsheets; family calendars; meal planning; endless to-do lists), and now Christmas is getting the binder treatment.

Check out Organized Christmas when you get a sec.  It’s got great PDFs you can print to track gift planning, holiday budgeting, important dates, etc.  I’ve created a binder divided into four sections: gifts, budget (with a pocket for receipts), calendar, and coupons.

We’re spending Christmas at home this year, and J has gone completely Griswold.  We’ve got mountains of new decorations, and lofty plans for watching annual holiday shows, listening to Andrea Bocelli, baking cookies, and packing all of the holiday goodness we can into the next two months.

Yesterday I began shopping for the kids, and today we’re headed to Sunshine Glaze to make fun gifts for the grandparents.  I love getting ahead of all the holiday stressors!


3 thoughts on “Organized Christmas

  1. A few years ago, i got so overwhelmed with the Christmas “have to!!!” that i threw it all out the window! for about 3 years, i have not “christmas shopped”, only small things online, i have not spent lots of money, and i have just done what we wanted to enjoy this season. All the madness associated with Christmas ruins it! This year we have decided to give up all gifts, except a few small things for Julia to open and donate to the Red Cross for Sandy victims. It sounds like you guys are on the same path, just enjoy the season, its not a season for stress if you dont want it to be!

  2. That’s awesome, Al. I am going to check out your organization. I usually just buy online. I am very unorganized about it. So. Maybei can save some cash this year. Also, I try to cut out gift buying in general as much as possible to make the holiday about spending qt watching movies, seeing lights, etc.

  3. Yes, we are definitely slimming it down this year. We are in the process of brainstorming new “traditions”. I can’t wait to grab some hot chocolate and milk and pack the kids in the car to go look at lights. What do you guys do as a family?

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