Weekly Round-Up: Rock the Vote

It’s Election Day!  Finally, we shall be able to put the incessant political ads behind us, and also pick our next president and all that jazz.  I hope you are all getting to the polls today.  Ailie and I were there this morning, because despite having two weeks to cast my ballot early, I procrastinate.  It’s who I am, people.

And it’s Weekly Round-Up time!  For those of you playing along at home, I ended up dropping an impressive 5.6 pounds during my first week of fake Weight Watchers!  This week?  With the Halloween?  I ended up gaining two pounds.

So total weight loss as of Sunday (score-keeping day): 3.6 pounds.

Total weight-loss as of this AM: 4.6 pounds.

I’m committed to making this system work for me, and that means no more cheating the system.  I’ve also learned (for the millionth time in my 32 years) that I don’t do things in moderation.  I am FAR better equipped to abstain, and so that’s what I’m doing with the sweet treats that still remain in our home.  YOU ARE DEAD TO ME, HALLOWEEN CANDY.

I’ve also added two additional November goals:

4. Weigh 152 pounds by trip to Philadelphia.

5. Squeeze wedding and engagement rings onto my swollen left ring ringer.  (I wonder if this may be a lost cause; has anyone out there had to resize their rings after pregnancy?)

What I’m Doing:

  • Still journaling every morsel I eat and drink, and now focusing on the effects the food has on my body. (Sluggish?  Bloated?  You get the idea.)
  • Still trying to drink as much water as possible. (I am not a water-drinker, so this takes practice.)
  • Day-dreaming about food.  Do other people concoct elaborate fantasies about their next meal, and all of the glorious things they will eat once they reach their goal weight?

What I’m Eating:

  • A “pasta bake” from the Cook Yourself Thin cookbook that will blow your mind.  (I used rigatoni, chicken Italian sausage, and broccoli, but omitted the beans.)  An excellent mac and cheese stand-in at 529 calories per serving.) I’m also going to attempt chicken burritos and a mushroom spinach quiche with a potato crust this week.  Photos and recipes to follow!

What I’m Reading:

  • Fitness blogs!  I’ve never delved into the world of health and wellness blogs, but I’m trying to check out new sites each day, and really become a part of this community.  It’s so inspirational.  So far I’m enjoying Fit-Bottomed Girls, Fit-Bottomed Mamas, and The Fitnessista.
  • Dreams of Joy by Lisa See.  I feel like this book deserves its own post.  It’s the story of a young Chinese-American woman who runs away to the People’s Republic of China in the late 1950s.  During her stay in a commune, the country experiences a severe famine, and millions upon millions starve.  It’s difficult to read, and it certainly has me thinking about food differently.  We have so much abundance in our country that people (like yours truly) are battling the bulge and serious obesity.  We have endless options and certainly take them for granted.  I’m trying to be grateful for the abundance in my life, and to appreciate food and sustenance in a new way.

3 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: Rock the Vote

  1. Literally took an entire bowl of Halloween candy and dumped it in the trash, took the bag out and put it on the curb. Snickers and all. Halloween is out of hand.

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