Halloween Hangover

I definitely woke this AM with a pounding headache; likely from the wine I sipped last night (it was really one of those days), and the Halloween candy I gobbled up last night right before bed.  (I had made it nearly all evening, and then I decided I needed to try that Butterfinger bite.  And man, was it worth it.)

I also haven’t worked out since Tuesday.  Wednesday was Halloween, of course, and last night the children were both having wack attacks when J walked in the door close to seven (bedtime for H).  Tonight, we’re heading to a Romanian Food Festival in our neighborhood at 5 PM, so I have got to cram a workout AND A SHOWER in at naptime.  (I use caps here to emphasize the near impossibility of accomplishing both.)

But!  Let me distract you with this adorableness!

Now, it’s time to get serious about some November resolutions.

  1. Gratitude.
  2. Rise and shine.  I’m definitely not a morning person, but I am a person who needs quiet and some solitude to recharge.  With two small kids, the only time this works is when they are blissfully asleep.  So I set my alarm for 6 AM.  I’m able to exercise if I need to (J doesn’t leave until 6:30); shower if we’ve got somewhere to be; write; read; and even pump (I’ve been stockpiling lots of bottles this way).  When H comes to his door shouting “Mommy!  Come get me!” at 7, I’m ever so much calmer and prepared for what the day will bring.
  3. Run, even when inconvenient.  We’re headed to the Northeast for Thanksgiving this year, and I know there will be MANY temptations there, not least of which is the opportunity to slack off on my training while spending time with family and friends.  I cannot let this happen.  I’ve got 5.5 more weeks until this race, and my longest run has been  five miles.  Time to get serious.

Enjoy your Friday, friends!


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