Cheater Cheater Compulsive Eater

One cheat day!  One!  I ate some cookies.  God, universe!  THREE cookies at a Halloween party and my weight spikes up again.  The scale and I are at an impasse, y’all.  (I’m still down about 2 pounds.  But go straight TO HELL, scale.)

In happier news: I’m doing “two-a-day” workouts now, as I affectionately call them, – as if I am in high school football camp – each Tuesday and Thursday.  These consist of a walk with my baby girl in the AM, and a 2.5ish mile run once J gets home.  The miles are becoming easier for sure; but I’ve got such a long way to 13.1.  Trying to buoy myself during each run.  My new mantra is “light as a feather”.  I repeat it to myself when I feel particularly heavy.

In holy crap this is really annoying news: I still cannot wear my wedding rings.  It’s been FIVE months.  I should be able to put them on my goddamn ring finger by now.  (Inexplicably, I could wear them throughout my entire last pregnancy – give or take a week – and immediately after.  My fingers must be carrying more weight now.  GO STRAIGHT TO HELL. FINGERS.)  This is extremely frustrating for me.  To add insult to injury, the rings I use to fake people out (each about a half-size larger than my wedding baubles) DID NOT FIT THIS MORNING.  I apologize for all the caps, but it’s bad enough I cannot wear my clothes, nor my actual wedding jewelry.  Those THREE cookies robbed me of my fake-out rings.  Halloween may actually kill me, you guys.

Other than the COOKIES THAT RUINED MY LIFE, today is Day 6 on Weight Watchers, and I am doing quite well.  I now know that I cannot squeeze in a little treat over and above my daily points allowance, so on 10/31 I will probably forgo breakfast, lunch, and dinner so I can eat all of Hendrik’s Snickers bars.  Ah, the picture of health, I am.

Have a wonderful weekend!  I will be dodging sweet treats at two kids’ birthday parties this weekend.  Lord have mercy.


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