Weekly Round-Up: Burning the Cardigan

Hello, friends!

I shamefully have not had a moment to sit and write about my progress this week.  Vanessa, my best friend from college, was in town with her 21 month-old daughter.  We had an absolute blast, even if the kids forced us to retire each evening around 9:30 PM (three kids under one roof is quite exhausting).  We drank copious amount of wine, and we even escaped for a girls’ night out with some of my Texas friends (thanks to the amazing J for holding down the fort).

Admittedly, it was not the right week for my previously instated “Five-Day Challenge”, but I did fairly well holding it together.  I drank water (though not enough) and avoided desserts completely until Friday evening (Day 5).  J and I had dropped H off at a Parents’ Night Out type event and took Ailie for sushi with a few of J’s business associates.  The sushi was HEAVENLY (we ordered everything on the menu) and after a few glasses of wine, I TOTALLY needed those Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

A little splurge like that would sit well with me if I felt well; that is, if the scale was budging even a tiny bit.  But I noticed that my weight had fluctuated between the same stubborn two pounds since starting this blog.  One day I’d be up, the next down, the next up, and so forth.  I was still eating relatively well, running a lot, but no real progress.

There was also the incident of the photo we took at our GNO on Thursday evening.  We were having a blast, snacking on baskets of tortilla chips and sipping margaritas.  Our waitress took a shot of us, and yours truly was on the end of the line.

You guys?  I looked ENORMOUS.  I was a bit tipsy and started giggling.  “I look like The Nutty Professor!” I exclaimed.  I passed the phone around and everyone eyed it curiously.  “It’s the cardigan,” they decided.  There is nothing so humbling as getting dressed for the evening, feeling extremely self-confident (I am rocking these curves!) then seeing an image reflected back that just DOES NOT COMPUTE with what you observed earlier in your bathroom mirror.

(Note: Vanessa sent me the incriminating photo the next day.  The view hadn’t changed.  “I am burning that f*%&ing cardigan,” I responded.)

And then, on Sunday: a brainstorm.

After giving birth to Hendrik in 2010, my mom had given me an old Weight Watchers points booklet.  My mother has always sworn by WW, and I must admit, she can always lose extra weight with great ease.  I hadn’t used the points system back then – I hadn’t needed to – but I still had the worn book hidden away in my desk drawer.  I pulled it out and started studying.

As it turns out, a breastfeeding mother is awarded TEN extra points daily.  This is a whole lot, considering without that bump, my total point allowance would be 24.  You also get extra points based on exercise duration and intensity.  Skimming the food categories and points values, the system seemed much simpler than counting calories.  I decided to give it a try for a week.  I am already keeping a food journal, so adding the points into the mix didn’t seem too challenging.

So on Sunday and Monday, I followed the plan.

And I lost 2.6 pounds.

Not just any 2.6 pounds, either.  I am finally – FINALLY – into the 150s, a benchmark I’ve struggled with for over a month now.

The universe has thrown me a bone.

What I’m Doing:

  • Looking up Weight Watchers meeting in the area.  If this initial weight-loss isn’t enough to make me a believer, my insane desire to be the top student in any class will.  Weekly weigh-ins?  Perfect for a perfectionist like me.
  • Tabulating points and rethinking portion sizes.  Turns out I really have been eating too much, which is difficult for me to gauge when I’m nursing.

What I’m Eating:

  • Last week?  Wine.  And sushi.  And pizza.  And Reese’s.
  • This week?  Broiled tilapia.  Air-popped popcorn.  Chocolate avocado smoothies.

What I’m Reading:

  • The Weight Watchers pocket guide.
  • Seating Arrangements by Maggie Shipstead.
  • SparkPeople blogs to motivate me.

I’m thrilled to give this a real try!


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