Weekly Round-Up: Relapse

Oh, you guys.

It’s telling that I have not posted in a few days.  I have been flailing.  Miserably.

It all started when I realized that I hadn’t run four miles last Friday.  Somehow, my Runkeeper app made an error; I had only run three.  I discovered this after my Sunday long run, in which I attempted to recreate the same route – and then some – and came home to discover my total mileage was 3.28.

Disheartened, I stepped on the scale.  The numbers?  They were moving in the WRONG direction suddenly.

Plus, I tend to feel a little down in the autumn.  And finally, I smashed my iPhone on an evening jog (a futile attempt to eliminate my sullen mood).  This was all a cocktail for disaster: or, as I call it, the buying of the Reese’s Peanut Butter Pumpkins.

And it only went downhill from there.

So today, I’ve regrouped.  I have instituted the Five Day Challenge, in which I am the sole participant.  Here are the goals:

  • No desserts of any kind.
  • Follow exercise regimen.
  • Plan exercise for the week.
  • Plan meals for the week.
  • Drink at least five 20-ounce jugs of water daily.

Today is Day 1.  So far, so good.  I woke before the kids and did some AM Yoga.  (Today was a rest/stretch day.)  Tomorrow is the real challenge: waking early and heading out for a run.

Also, I am dying for something sweet, friends.  I think I’ll go slather up an apple with some almond butter and try to make it til bedtime.

In the meantime, how do you all curb your sugar cravings?  HELP.

And for some weekly round-up-iness:

What I’m Doing:

  • Feeling glum, and extra large.  I actually made it to a real social event on Friday night at my friend Erin’s new place.  Erin is a college prof and always has an eclectic bunch at her parties.  On this particular evening, we discussed the Vice Presidential debate, Ayn Rand and hyper-individualism, and home decor.  I LOVE any night where someone asks me what my favorite film is (FYI: Keeping the Faith) and when I ask, “Which genre?”  I’m told: “documentary.”  Let’s discuss this, man!
  • The next day I saw a photo of myself from the evening.  Yup, I’m definitely twenty pounds overweight.

What I’m Eating:

  • Still with the smoothies, still with the frozen grapes, still with the veggies, still with the exercising.  Why do you betray me then, scale?
  • Oh, right.  The peanut butter cups.

What I’m Reading:

  • Finished The Truth About Style, and I have to recommend.
  • I’ve been paging through Spent again.  I made a delicious quinoa and black bean salad from the recipe section here last week.  The whole fam enjoyed.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Round-Up: Relapse

  1. I got in the habit of having a cup of tea instead of after dinner snack. It does not replace sweets, but for some reason it works, most of the time. I do sleepytime with some local honey. Also, bacon wrapped dates are an amazing way to have a sweet and salty snack. Don’t be so hard on yourself!

    • I can’t wait to try the dates! And the tea is certainly helping. I’ve been using Truvia. I really want to eat everything in sight once we finally sit down each evening. It really is a battle!

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