The Truth About Style

I dragged the kids to Barnes and Noble the other day seeking out a few books.  In particular, I was looking for this one.

(BTW, did you know they make book trailers now?  I find this new practice unspeakably awesome.)

I love Stacy London and love books with pretty pictures to ogle.  (True confession: I bought a Sex and the City 2 photo book of all the fashions used in the film last year.  I pull it out often just to admire the frocks.  It calms me.)  I was not a huge fan of the price tag on this one, but with the 20% off, I thought I deserved a little splurge.

I’m so glad I bought it.

Whether Stacy appeals to you or not on What Not to Wear, I’ve always admired her down-to-earth attitude about the psychology of style, and the image we present to the world each day.  Naturally, I started thinking about the Melissa I unleash upon the masses each time I load the kids up in the car for yet another pilgrimage to Target, or attend a library board meeting, a graduate class, or a Mom’s League gathering.

You guys?  It ain’t so pretty lately.

It’s telling that a clerk at Target always comments to Hendrik: “You I always recognize; but Mom looks different every time you come in!”

It’s true.  About 30% of the time I’m wearing make-up.  I’m normally clad in yoga pants and a maternity tank.  (And I have not been pregnant for 7.5 weeks.)  My ‘Cuse hat rests wearily upon my sometimes-washed hair, which is pulled back in a messy bun.  There’s about a 50/50 chance that I’ve showered.

And when I need to get dolled up?  It’s not much better.  For my last board meeting, I wore a HORIZONTALLY-striped long-sleeved tee from Banana Republic, black POLYESTER maternity pants, and my beloved gray Calvin Klein flats.  (Sidenote: I have NEVER felt attractive in polyester.  It all needs to be banished from my closet, post-haste.)

For yesterday’s Mom’s League meeting, I made an actual effort.  I put on a cream-colored tunic from Banana, light-wash Target jeans (three sizes larger than my “normal” number), Spanx (for proper muffin-top concealment), and my ubiquitous Calvin Klein flats.  I blew-dry my hair, and put on a cuff as an actual ACCESSORY.  I felt pretty put-together until I noticed a tiny stain on my shirt next to two tiny holes.  I wore it anyway.  Probably no one would notice, right?

Ironically, we had a fashion consultant speak at the meeting.  She was fabulous; I’m totally hiring her to come clean out my closet when the time comes.

Which brings me to my closet.  She is glorious.  So lovely, in fact, that I put fancy chair there so I could sit and relax like I am Mariah Carey.  Check it.

The grave problem is that approximately three items in this room fit.

I know I am trying to lose weight, but it could – and likely will – take months and months to reach my goal.  Am I really going to wear maternity clothes through the holiday season?  In the book, Stacy reminds a working mother (whom is also trying to lose weight): “[She] needs to drag her mind-set and wardrobe out of ‘when’ and into the here and now (which is the only time and place life is actually happening.)”


After this epiphany, I emailed J to tell him I needed to buy clothes.  I don’t want to spend a lot, I wrote.  But I can’t go on with nothing to wear.

His response: Great!  Let’s go this weekend!

(Perhaps he too would like to be re-acquainted with the Melissa of yore.)

So off we went to Banana and Nordstrom Rack.  At Banana, I picked up a pair of dark-wash, straight-leg jeans and two v-neck, merino wool sweaters in burgundy and ever-forgiving black.  I didn’t find anything at the Rack, but Ailie and I went to Target this morning and actually found a few nice pieces: a pair of gray skinny jeans (made for curvy gals); a few cotton jersey long-sleeved tees; a cream-colored boyfriend cardigan; and two print dresses that I am betting will look great with boots and tights.  All told, I spent just $232. (I saved $120 at Banana alone. Huzzah!)

Weight-wise, I’m down 2.2 pounds since starting this blog; but lately I’ve amped up the exercise and cut out the desserts.  Yesterday I had to do a three-mile run when J arrived home from his business trip.  I had my mind set on picking up a bottle of dry shampoo at the local Walgreen’s, and lo: I did 4.06 miles, three of which I ran at a nine-minute pace.  Never underestimate the allure of the $3 Suave hair product, y’all.

I feel really, really good.

What are you all up to this weekend?


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