I just discovered this fabulous site over the weekend and had to share. It’s called Fooducate.  Check it.

I’m actually more interested in the app, which lets you scan a barcode and get all of the nutrition information for the food you are about to eat.  It also GRADES the food, and then flags any ingredient that might be concerning. (For instance, my Amy’s enchilada meal was too high in saturated fat.)

A nice tool to use that might get you thinking twice about that Nutella/breadstick snack pack.  Not that I ate two of those this weekend at all.


4 thoughts on “Fooducate

  1. 1. I hate quinoa. (your first post)
    2. You are doing an amazing job of getting back into shape!
    3. My feet always hurt when I I woke up in the night and first thing in the morning with Max and Peyton.
    4. We do no convenience too, for the most part. It’s hard at first. But it becomes the new normal. I am used to keep things on hand to snack easily or have an easy meal to prep if we are away from home longer than planned.
    5.I read “French Kids Eat Everything” a few weeks ago. I want to move there. In French schools a professional chef prepares a fresh, mostly, organic lunch every day. I recommend.

    • 1. Then you would not appreciate it with ginger and prunes. (Thanks for nothing, Dr. Oz.)
      2. Thank you!
      3. During pregnancy or after birth? My dogs are barking at those same times.
      4. I need to do more planning, but we’re getting there. Do you count lunches out as “convenience?”
      5. Let’s move to France together! We can leave the kids with our husbands.

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